One of the most beautiful cities in Russia, glorious Saint Petersburg, spreads its arms to all newly arrived guests that are curious to visit its historical marvels. However, a long thrilling day of tours to all the best St. Petersburg highlights and attractions requires a good night sleep. It is exactly why we are introducing this article that will help our guests choose the most suitable accommodation. Looking for a luxurious five star hotel? You want to spend your holiday in a historical palace? Wish to find something cheaper and more comfortable? You will find the answers down below!
Modern “sleeping” (residential) regions of Saint Petersburg should definitely be avoided while choosing a hotel for a short-term stay, because of their depressive outlook.

Five Star Hotels in Saint Petersburg

If you are planning to waste a lot and enjoy all the privileges of the best quality service, then a five star hotel in the very centre of St. Petersburg city is exactly what you need!

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace

Four Seasons Hotel // photo:

The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Petersburg is a unique luxurious place with its own goals, beliefs and principles. Located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, the hotel is within a hands reach from such St. Petersburg highlights as St. Isaac Cathedral, the Palace Square, the Hermitage and other historical destinations. The architecture, the service, the scenery, the location, the food! Guests of this hotel recommend it as a perfect one.


Kempinsky Hotel Moyka 22

The Kempinsky is located on the bank of the river Moyka and is proud to be one of the most famous and high-status hotel in the city. Putting aside all the standard advantages of five star hotels, guests of the Kempinsky admit that the hotel provides “the best breakfast ever”. The location in the very heart of the historical centre also gives inevitable advantages – guest can have a walk to such miraculous sights as the Hermitage museum.

Astoria Hotel

Astoria Hotel // photo:

A former “military” hotel, the Astoria is tightly attached to the history of the city. There was even a legend that the nazi army was going to celebrate the invasion of St. Petersburg here. Nowadays, the building is a modern five star hotel in the city centre, comfortably located next to such metro stations as: Sadovaya, Senanay Square. The excurtion office staff will help you choose nice tours in St. Petersburg or order tickets to any place in the city you desire.
We suggest that our guests stay in a radius of 2,5 km round the Hermitage museum. This will help avoid all the transport difficulties since all the main sights are nearby.
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Boutique Hotels Saint Petersburg

If you prefer cosy St Petersburg hotels rather than big crowded ones, then here is a list of three most comfortable boutique hotels in Saint Petersburg.

Boutique-hotel Golden Triangle


The Golden Triangle is a comfortable mini hotel with a view on the Peter and Paul Church and many other historical gems of the city! The interior of the hotel is known to be lovely and all the guests admit the location of the hotel as extra-comfortable. The hotel owns four stars, provides a tasty breakfast and a very caring service.





Lomonosov Hotel St. Petersburg

The Lomonosov is a three star boutique hotel with a incomparable location in the city center, which is surely the best advantage of the inn. It is situated right next to the Kazan Cathedral, the famous Gostiniy dvor shopping center and other St. Petersburg historical sights.

Nevsky Forum Hotel

This elegant four star boutique hotel is located along the Nevsky Prospect, 15 meters away from the Mayakovskaya metro station! The hotel provides a delicious menu and very stylish suits. This one will definitely be the best choice for any purpose. The prices are around 8000 rubles ($130) for two.

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Two star hotels: nice and modest

Visiting a new city for a short-time stay might be accompanied by a passionate desire of seeing all the city highlights in a few days. Doesn’t this mean we will not spend much time in the hotel? Does overpaying for a hotel make sense in this case? Whatever your means are, you might want to find a very cheap hotel and here is a list.

Diva Hostel

Diva Hostel is a stylish inn that provides everything you might need for a funny price. The location is extremely convenient – 7 minutes from the Mayakovskaya metro station and about 900 m to the Russian museum. A short walk to the Nevsky Prospect will open the best views of St. Petersburg. All the guests also admit the Hostel being very neat and clean.



Friends on Fontanka

Friends on Fontanka is a nice modern inn only 1,5 km away from the famous Savior on Blood church. The hostel itself is new, a tasty breakfast is included and the staff is completely customer orientated. This one is a great option for those, who do not want to overpay.


Countryside Hotels in St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg countryside is full of unique historical treasures, that attract tourists from all over the world. You can book a hotel right here to fully admire spectacular sights.

Grand Peterhof Spa Hotel

Grand Peterhof is a four star country hotel complex, located in the very heart of Petergof – a historical gem of St. Petersburg contryside, the home of glorious Peterhof park and palace ensemble. The hotel gives a incomparable view on the majestic gardens of Peterhof. The hotel offers thrilling excursions around the historical town. Have a look at the official site and find out more about the hotel.


Park-Hotel Potemkin

Potemkin hotel is located in Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) not far from the glorious Catherine park and palace ensemble and in a fifteen minute car ride from the Pulkovo airport. The hotel is a perfect option for those, who like to spend their holidays away from the loud city centre and enjoy marvelous historical sites. The hotel is also 20 km away from the city centre, which you can easily reach by taxi.