Every historically precious city owns its little secrets. There might be hidden gems you won’t want to miss or some real failures to avoid. This article is a simple and a necessary travel-guide for St. Petersburg guests. We have gathered some do’s and don’ts in our country’s cultural heart.

5 do’s while in St. Petersburg

Watch the draw bridges at night

A truly spectacular view to be seen is the Palace bridge, a real marvel of St. Petersburg’s architecture. The bridge starts to unfold at precisely 1 am and folds back at 3 am. To observe the breathtaking scene you might want to have a boat ride or simply have a walk by the Neva lake. The romantic view will definitely inspire you but make sure to have good night’s sleep afterwards.

Have a boat ride during the day

The city of St. Petersburg was designed to admire from water! All its fascinating palaces and museums face rivers and canals. You will admit rethinking the values of life after seeing something so inspiring.

Wander around the Hermitage

Over 20 km of galleries, almost 3 million pieces of art – it’s literally one of the biggest museums in the world.  You should get prepared beforehand and plan what you want to see  in order not to waste time.  Another option is to get a private guide with our Hermitage Tours, who’ll help you skip the line and take you through all the masterpieces, telling their fascinating stories.

Get wet in the fountains of Peterhof

A visit to the Russian Versailles promises to be very amusing. People of all ages take turns running through the fountains without getting wet. Randomly appearing water jets leave our visitors soaking wet and full of positive emotions.

Check the bars on the Rubinshteina Street

After a day full of sightseeing try out the best drinking and dining street in St. Petesburg. Opening a bar or a restaurant at Rubinshtein Street means not only adopting the highest level of cuisine and service, but also surprising the visitors with something special.

Schastye cafe // photo: https://schastye.com/

5 don’ts while in St. Petersburg

Unfortunately, there are always some potholes to avoid in order not to ruin a whole day of your exiting vacation. Here is a warning list for our visitors that should always be kept in mind:

Visiting Hermitage on the free admission day

Every first Thursday of the month, no matter if it rains or snows, or if it’s -20C outside, people wind up the queue around the Alexander’s column on the Palace square just to spend another hour in the cloakrooms waiting for some free space for the coats. 4 hours in a line just to enter is not a limit!

Photo: www.vladtime.ru//

Leaving your window with curtains open for the night

White nights is not just a name of an opera festival or a marathon collecting runners from all around the globe. It’s a natural phenomenon typical for all the northern areas, but especially famous in St Petersburg. In June the sun goes down around 11 p.m. and then goes up at 2:30 a.m.! Just to make sure you get enough rest before another busy sightseeing day, close the curtains or use your sleeping mask.

Forgetting your umbrella or warm clothes

No matter how sunny and warm it seems in the morning, a compact umbrella, a light feather jacket and a pair of sunglasses are mushaves for all citizen even in the middle of summer. Located between the Baltic Sea and the Ladoga Lake, open to the Atlantic winds, St Petersburg is known for its unpredictable weather.

Using the metro or buses during the rush hours

The metro is something to avoid between 7 and 9 a.m and between 5 to 7 p.m. St. Petesburg’s rush hours are not as bad as in Beijing, but are still very tiring.


Being afraid of not speaking Russian!

Even though Russians in general don’t speak English much, most of the people know some basic words and understand better than they speak. Also, most of the people are used to guests in town and are willing to help. If you are familiar with technologies, using translation apps on your smartphone can help a lot.

St. Petersburg is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Following our few basic tips you will make your trip to Russia even more unforgettable. However, if you have doubts that you can organize it all properly, you can contact a Russian travel agency, relax and pack your bags. All the rest will be organized by professionals who do it every day. Most of the main sights are already included into Moscow and St Petersburg tours and Russia tour packages, and experienced guides will take care of all the do’s and don’ts instead of you!