Liberation of Stalingrad – Authentic Wartime Photos

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For 200 hundred days the Russian people held their ground. In the end, mustering the last gasps of strength they finally defeated the Hitler’s army and liberated the iconic city of Stalingrad.

On February 2, 1943, the German troops who were still alive at Stalingrad capitulated. The bloodiest battle of World War II was effectively over, which marked the beginning of the counteroffensive of the Soviet forces and proved to be one of the most important turning points in the war. What followed were the Red Army operations in Western Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other regions of Eastern Europe, as well as the final victory in the coming battle for Berlin. Below is the collection of authentic historical images of the time.

Stalingrad, flag over the liberated city. Late January 1943

Flag the Stalingrad

The city center of Stalingrad, February 2, 1943

Capture of the General Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus

Captured German soldiers. Looming in the background is the iconic Elevator building.

View what the Volgograd Elevator looks nowadays.

Russian soldier trying on the bast shoes, something that the German army members did to protect themselves from the cold

Soviet soldiers feed their horses from the German bast shoes.

A column of German prisoners walk the city streets

Hitler plane, shot down in the battle over Stalingrad

Enemy tanks destroyed by Soviet soldiers

Reunion of Soviet soldiers in Stalingrad

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Stalingrad, February 1943. Liberation festivity

The inscriptions on the wall of Pavlov’s house in Stalingrad reading: “Mother of the Motherland! Here the Rodemtsev guards fought valiantly with the enemy: Ilya Voronov, Pavel Demchenko, Alexei Anikin, Pavel Dovisenko”. Also: “This house was defended by Guard Sergeant Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov!”

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