When someone asks what the most interesting places in Russia are, your imagination draws the most familiar tourist attractions. Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral and Kremlin. These places are worth seeing during your Moscow tours, for sure. But if you are a more curious traveler, you’ll soon find out that a lot of sightseeing places might be hidden a little bit further from the center of the city.

Izmailovsky market is one of the locations, which should definitely take a top spot on your places to visit in Moscow list. A wide range of Russian souvenirs, paintings, antique and craft gifts and second-hand trifles at a fair price – this place will meet your every need. While walking around the stalls not only will you find nice gifts for each and every one. This location will provide you with a feeling of a true Russian national atmosphere. The market is situated in a beautifully architected Izmailovsky Kremlin. Before preparing your wallets for buying numerous gifts, take a walk around to experience the national culture.

Photo: kudago.com

Just imagine a recreated 16th century architecture with a modern vibe to it. In 2003 the fire burnt most of it, but in 2005 one Russian businessman decided that this piece of history, taking its roots from 16th century, has to be rebuilt. Even if it has to be 4 times smaller than it used to. Though colorful wooden rooftops put a smile on your face, this project was built without ironic underlying. The idea was to combine culture with up-to-date standards to provoke interest in people of any age. And now it is a place, which can be a good example of how history can harmonize with modernity. Let’s take a small online tour to persuade you in it.

Once you step in, your nose feels the scent of national cuisine. Your eyes see, how people are busy participating in different activities. Try it yourself: earn a medal for elbow bending in Vodka museum, make a vase in a pottery class or sew a doll in the museum of Russian toys. If you notice a happy couple in unfamiliar costumes, it means that you’ve just become a witness of a local wedding.

If you thought that is all, what you can see here, just take a couple of steps further. Now it feels like you’re in an open-air gallery – a first spot of the market. Various artists share their talent with bypassers, hoping to sell their masterpieces. If you’re not a judge of art, maybe you’re a treasure hunter? Izmailovsky Market can offer you a flea market, where you can try your luck in finding something valuable and special.

Photo: kudago.com

No doubt, this tiny tour left a warm and cosy impression about Russian true local charm. So now it’s just about time to walk towards souvenirs stalls. Any diligent private guide in Moscow will recommend you Izmailovsky Market as the best place to get Russian gifts for your friends or family. Prices are lower in comparison with central shops and the choice is much bigger. Whether you desire to find the best Matreshka or a patriotic Ushanka hat or even a Balalayka – Izmailovsky Market is a right place for it.

If you’re searching for something more unique and chic, some sellers can offer vintage and antique gifts, designed chess boards, jewelry, kitchenware.

And if you’re fond of Russian national culture even more, you can purchase national clothing, toys, wooden gifts, baskets and handcrafted items for housekeeping at this Moscow Vernisazh. Masters from all over Russia keep culture alive by making handmade national goods and selling them every week.

Where is Izmailovsky Market Situated?

It takes just a five minute walk from Partizanskaya metro station. You need the last subway car, which goes towards suburbs. You may go with the flow Once you go out, walk past the “Izmailovsky hotel facilities” to the bridge, which will lead you to the destination.

Most sellers cherish the old times and do not have payment terminals, so make sure you have cash prepared. And plan your trip wisely if you want to see everything in one day.

 Izmailovsky Market opening hours

  • Souvenirs stalls working hours: daily from 10 am till 8 pm in warmer months, and till about 5 pm in winter
    Flea market, antique market and art park working hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 5pm
  • Vernisazh working hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 am till 5 or 6 pm
    Wholesale and retail market working hours: Wednesday from 9 am till 5 or 6 pm

Explore Moscow beyond the center of the city and you will be surprised, how much there is in it for you.