Ride a T-34 tank and shoot from PTRsD anti-tank rifle (extra option) in an authentic environment of Alabino military base!

Ride a real Soviet T-34-85 tank – a legendary war machine, which carried Soviet Union to victory in WWII. Get ready for a real Russian military experience!

Activity Details

Duration: 6 hours

Tour Highlights

  • Uniform wearing
  • Tank riding experience (T-34, commander’s seat)
  • Tank main caliber shooting (optional extra)
  • Russian-army styled field dinner
  • “Komandirskie” 100gr of vodka
  • PTRsD Anti-tank rifle shooting (optional extra)
  • AK-47 shooting (optional extra)
  • Field military history museum (visit)

Tour Details

Russia has always been proud for its military, and military equipment. Especially, once it carried the victory for Soviet Union in WWII. Since then, the Soviet Union and then Russia has been one of world leaders in tank production.

Now you have a chance to check that equipment out in real yourself! The famous WWII tank T-34 – still fully operational – awaits your command. Ride it as a crewman, take aim… and shoot!

Then, take some rest and enjoy a Soviet-styled lunch in a military tent. Enjoy military dishes like Grechka and Perlovka. Finish it with a 100ml of vodka  – “for bravery”, as Soviet commanders provided for their soldiers morale, so they will for you! Put on a Soviet military uniform to take unique photos and shoot PTRsD (extra service)– another iconic WWII anti-tank rifle, still unmatched nowhere in the world.

Amazing Russia Tank Tour experience awaits!