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Arbat Street Moscow


Arbat Street Moscow

Last modified on 20 Oct 2019


PradizOne of the most interesting places in Russia, the charming Arbat Street is known to be the creative soul of Moscow. Full of emotions, amusements, history and art, this place is head to all tourist attractions. Guests from all over the world come out in the evenings to have a walk along the country’s most famous street and to admire it as it is.

Arbat Location

Where is Arbat street situated? In the historical center of the Russian capital! This is why it is rather easy to reach, using Moscow public transport:

  • You can use the metro. Your aim is either the Arbatskaya or the Smolenskaya stations.
  • You can also have a 30 minute walk from the Red Square through the Vozdvizhenka or Znamenka streets, admiring the majestic architecture of the old Moscow.


PradizYou can hardly say that you have actually been to Moscow if you avoid visiting its old pedestrian street. Arbat street is fun even for those, who do not want to waste a single penny! What can you see? Outdoor musicians, artists, dancers and illusionists, that are always there to entertain guests and citizens any time of the day. There are also some really impressive sights, such as the Tsoi wall and the Vakhtangov theatre. The street is full of souvenir and jewelry shops, so you might most likely meet cheerful tourists making a good bargain. Bookstores here are very special as well, you will find rare antique literature in all sorts of different languages. 

Arbat Museums 

Pradiz A. Pushkin Memorial Museum

Many people like coming here to admire its architecture and history. Every building possesses a breathtaking past. This place used to be home to many Russian writers, poets and composers. Nowadays, you can visit many memorial museums, such as the Pushkin Apartment Museum, Andrey Bely Memorial flat and the Alexander Scriabin Museum. Another major tourist attraction is the splendid perfume museum, full of pleasant fragrance. Nowadays, the street attracts locals with its fun modern exhibitions.

The best example of a brilliant present-day attraction is the museum of optic illusions! This place will give a great member of outstanding photos and an excellent mood.Pradiz

Cuisine & Accommodation 

Pradiz Genatsvale. Georgian restaurant at Stary Arbat

What the locals come to Arbat for is mainly a tasty meal. Walking along the street, you will find restaurants and cafes here and there. Most of them are cozy and affordable. Besides, even cafeterias here have a rich history! Depending on the cuisine you like, you will be able to choose the restaurant that suits you best. Moreover, there are quite a few hotels, where you can stay for the night, such as the mini Arbat hotel or luxurious Lotte hotel.

This incredible place has absorbed years of Russian history. A throwback into the past, an affordable purchase and lots of positive emotions are guaranteed! If you are making a list of places to visit in Moscow, the Arbat street should most definitely be included! Longing for some good sightseeing with a private guide in Moscow? Then our friendly Pradiz family is ready to organize some outstanding Moscow tours!