Hospitable, caring, pompous and sincere Moscow leaves no one indifferent

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If you ask me about the most agile city, without any hesitations I will say -it is Moscow. Such a different Moscow, through frontiers of history always proud and captivating especially on the old postcards. I am a kind of a skillful traveler because I have already visited the most part of Europe. The circumstances did not allow me to make even a short visit, all the times I bypassed Moscow: flew through it more than once and even twice but did not go beyond the boundaries of the airport or railway station. Having learned an enormous amount of reviews on different websites; finally, I had a chance do you feel the breath of the city on my own. I made great research to have a budget tour. My friends recommended me a Russian tour operator and I am completely satisfied! It was spring and luckily the weather was really comfortable; so to say +15* in May is a great success in comparison to my native town -Oslo. First of all, I was surprised by its magnitude: everything appeared to be so big and breathtaking. At the same time, all the buildings and public transport are really adapted not only for citizens but for tourists as well. Moscow is an amazing city it never falls asleep and does the plunge into darkness even with the one set of the night. Some people said that there are always some problems with lighting on the streets. On the other hand, I have not seen even a hint of this kind of problem. When the edge of the sun disappears over the horizon, all of the lights of Moscow float through the streets and avenues of the city. In addition, people in Moscow are very friendly they can always show you the right route or get a piece of advice about where to eat or sleep. Personally, I decided not to spend a lot of money on fashionable hotels, that is why I chose the simple hostel near the city center.

I must admit that there were some things that really shocked me!

Friendly staff, registration desk 24/7, comfortable bed with a fluffy pillow and different varieties of breakfast that were already included in the price. After visiting up to 10 hostels, I was really impressed by this one in Moscow. All in all, the conclusion comes: it is important to maintain a high level of comfort for visitors, The proprietors can’t but do special offers and hot prices regularly. It can be attributable to the Great level of rivalry. So, enjoy the atmosphere.

Without a doubt, you will stroll through the central part of Moscow.  Red square is always overwhelmed with the enormous amount of tourists. Remember that the outlying areas also have something to show. As for example, I can name the museum-reserve Tsaritsyno. It should be the residence of the Empress, Who deserved her unconditional love, but never became one. Thousands of bright light bulbs welcome to you a pleasant walk even at night. Therefore, the place where I feel the air power is the Fontaine. It leaves a special impression because of its undeniable power and sublimity.

Somebody can also say that Moscow is the kind of quest city. Because of the great number of landmarks, you need to be very careful and attentive to pick up the best. At the same time, it is not very comfortable and convenient to use public transport all the times. For instance, rush hours can completely spoil your impression. Even native citizen say that Moscow is a “walk-on-foot” place when you want to have a good rest and get pleasure from spectacular urban landscapes. Do not forget to choose the most comfortable shoes and take your power bank with you. The ultrafast rhythm of life in Moscow will catch you up. I am thankful for organizing a multi-day sightseeing tour. Practically, it is impossible to do everything on your own. This tour appeared to be cheap and luxurious at the same time!

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