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About six centuries ago appeared a noisy market square beside Moscow Kremlin’s Eastern wall, where Red Square is situated today. As time passed the area grew and transformed, turning into an unbelievable beauty. Nowadays, no trip to Moscow is complete without visiting its beating heart. Active, colorful and rich, Red Square is a world heritage site and an envy to all the other squares around the world. No wonder! One of the most interesting places in Russia, this curious area has absorbed all the history and culture of the world’s largest country. 


6 must-visit marvels of the Red Square:

The Spasskaya Tower

The main tower of Moscow Kremlin eastern wall is famous for its massive chimes, that designate official Moscow time. The tower’s gates have historically served as the main entrance into the Kremlin.


St. Basil’s Cathedral 

St Basil`s Church in Moscow at sunset

The symbol of Russia for most of the foreigners, the main religious temple of the Capital, St. Basil Cathedral is a true miracle of architecture. Nowadays a functioning museum, the Cathedral is a majestic ensemble of 9 churches and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Moscow.



Zaryadye Park

In a three minute distance from St. Basil’s Cathedral, if you slide down the Vassilyevsky Spousk, you will reach a truly wonderful green place – the Zaryadye Park. The idea of this open-air landscape museum is to gather four Russian climatic zones in a miniature: the steppe, the forest, the wetlands and the tundra. Unusual and creative? It surely is! It is also a suitable place for sightseeing with a picturesque view on the Red Square.


The Lenin Mausoleum

A head of all tourist attractions, a place that sheds honor and respect is the shrine of the founder of the USSR. The embalmed body of Russia’s former leader lays upon this curious and mysterious tomb in the very heart of the Capital.



GUM State Department Store

What you can see opposite the Mausoleum is a splendid glass-roofed shopping centre – the head department store of the country. Historical and charming, the place is worth a visit, even if you are not planning to waste money. In winter you will find a massive ice skating ring nearby, with hundreds of people dancing on ice and enjoying the beauty of the square.


Do try the famous GUM ice cream, which is very delicious. There are several kiosks, with at least one near the entrance on the ground floor.


The State Historical Museum 

Another architectural marvel is the Moscow State Museum, that has absorbed centuries of Russian experience and is always there to present it to the world. This place will amply tell you about Russian history and culture. 


Mind looking at the ceiling on entering the building! You will see the family tree of Russian Tsars.

Red Square is simply ineffable. Russia is full of interesting places, but the central Square is a number one for sightseeing. Something to be admired will never be sufficiently described in words. Dreaming to visit the charming Square? This one will be one of the most memorable Moscow tours. We are always here, waiting for our guests to come and enjoy the beauty of our rich country. Searching for a private guide in Moscow? We are at your service! 


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