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Top Moscow Events 2018


Top Moscow Events 2018

Last modified on 20 Oct 2019

This year, Moscow authorities have planned a great range of events for all the citizen and guests. Moscow streets and parks will be full of colours, emotions and tasty treats. This article is an aid for those, who are thinking on what to do in Moscow in 2018!

Moscow Maslenitsa

Pradiz Maslenitsa in Moscow

From 9 to 18 February 2018 Moscow will be busy celebrating one of the most colourful, generous and tasty traditional holidays! You will be offered to try out delicious pancakes and other nice treats and encouraged to take part in different competitions and games.

Russia Maslenitsa says: ‘goodbye!’ to winter and is an old national tradition. This year all our dear guests are welcome to join us in this delightful event.

Where: in more than 20 locations in the city! For more information please visit the official site.

Easter in Moscow!


The ‘Easter Gift’ Moscow festival will take place between 5 and 15 April. The city will be full of vivid colours and positive emotions. Fairs, master-classes for children and adults, tea-drinking sessions and open-air theatre performances will amuse all the guests and citizen of Moscow. The middle of spring promises to be bright and memorable.

It is yet unknown where exactly the main events of the festival will be held, but over 40 playgrounds are planned to be involved.

Moscow A Capella

PradizThe A Capella festival is an international musical contest. Unknown talented singers come to Moscow from all over the world to demonstrate their passion for Music.

A Capella singing will be heard from parks and playgrounds all around Moscow. Balconies and fountains become stages for young and ambitious singers. The final contest will choose 3 winners and present them a money reward. The festival will begin on the 27th of April and end on the 9th of May.

St. George’s Tournament

One of the most memorable events of Russian festivals and holidays 2018 will probably be St. George’s Tournament, that will take place in the Kolomenskoye park-museum in May.

PradizIt will be a real battle of knights of the 15th century! Costumed counterparts saddled on horses will sword-fight and remind us of the old European tradition in precise details.

The curious festival will last 3 days, from 30th April to 2nd May.

Where: Kolomenskoye park Moscow

Victory Day

PradizOn May 9 the whole Russian nation celebrates Victory Day. It is a unique event that commemorates millions of people who lost their lives in WWII and honors the bravery of Russian soldiers.

Moscow Authorities pay special attention to this nationwide celebration. A massive parade is held on the Red Square. Thousands of members of Russia's military march through the Red Square alongside over 100 pieces of mobile military hardware. A truly spectacular view!

The parade at Red Square can be attented by an invitation of the Moscow City Hall only. Neverthless, we can witness all the marvels of Russian mobile hardware moving along the Tverskaya street during daytime.

Pradiz Immortal Regiment march

The huge, breathtaking parade is followed by an even more memorable and touching event - the Immortal Regiment. It is a march of thousands of Russians, who gather together in the center of Moscow with posters of their brave ancestors. It is truly a touching session, full of tears of joy, sorrow and pride.

Where: The march will start at 15:00 at the Dinamo metro station and move along the Leningradskiy Prospect, The Tverskaya street and the Manezhnaya square.

PradizDifferent Squares and streets are prepared for concerts, memorial sessions, orchestras and other thematical activities. The veterans are given red carnations and wreaths are lain at war memorial sites.

Where: the main holiday programs will take place on major squares: Theatre square, Pushkinskaya Square, Triumphalnaya Square.

Sorrow and happiness, tears and smiles will mix up altogether giving unforgettable emotions to everyone taking part in this most heartfelt event.

FIFA World Cup 2018

The most popular event that we are all looking forward to with great impatience is the FIFA World Cup 2018From 14 June to 15 July, Russia will meet football fans from all over the globe.


12 magnificent arenas in 11 most hospitable Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Saransk, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, will meet guests from all the corners of the Planet. The most curious and memorable opening and final matches will be held on the specially prepared Moscow Luzhniki stadium, that will comfortably seat 81 000 excited spectators.

Moscow Summer-Flower Jam

PradizThe most floral event of the year will definitely be the Moscow Summer Jam festival!

Master-classes in floral-arrangement, dozens of hand-made ice-cream of different flavors, open-air fairs, selling the best summer treats: fruit, honey and jam! This beautiful event will start the 20 of July and end the 5 of August.

Where: Moscow city center (Manezhnaya and Revolutionary Square), Moscow walking streets: Nikolskaya street, Kuznetsky Most, Kamergersky pereulok (Kamergersky Lane) and others.

Times & Epochs

Times Times & Epochs Mosсow Festival at Kolomenskoye Park

Times & Epochs is one of the world’s largest historical events in Moscow. Reenactors from all the corners of the planet will demonstrate their breathtaking works and give you a real throw-back into the history. Representatives of different epochs in detailed costumes will let us see how people used to live at different times and demonstrate everyday life of the past centuries. Parks and roads of Moscow from 9 to 18  August 2018 are going to be filled with some real excitement!

For exact addresses of this event, please check back on this Travel Lounge closer to the event date.

The Spasskaya Tower

The Spasskaya Tower is not only a breathtaking music festival, but also an ultimate reason to visit our capital this coming August! Have you ever seen incredible performances of military orchestras from all over the world? Well, it's right the time!

From 24 August to 2 September the Red Square will greet 30 troops from 14 different countries, that will have a real music battle and astonish the crowd with their coherent moves.

PradizDuring daytime the festival will be accomplished with fascinating performances and in the evening the Kremlin will give a memorable light show. Children and adults from all over the world will receive incredible emotions, that will long last in our memories.

Where: Red Square

Happy B-Day, Moscow!

11 days, from 30th August to 9th September, Moscow will be busy celebrating its 871 Birthday. The capital will be full of concerts, open-air theatre performances, thematic film shows and free museum excursions. PradizAll the citizen will have a chance to witness majestic fireworks. The celebration is one of the oldest traditions and is indeed the most important festival in the Moscow events calendar!

Golden Autumn in Moscow


Autumn isn’t considered to be dull in Moscow and the Golden Autumn festival is the best proof!

One of the things to do in Moscow is definitely participating in autumn fairs and open master-classes for adults and children. From 27th September to 7th October Moscow guests will have a chance to try out all Russian seasonal delicacies.

Where: Moscow city center – Manezhnaya and Revolutionary Square, TSUM department store area, Kuznetsky Most and possibly some other locations.

Light Circle Festival

Pradiz A holographic projection of the Bolshoi Theatre

The Light Circle Festival is an astonishing sight to witness in the beginning of autumn.Light, lasers, fireworks and real fire promise to leave some good memories. 

Every year the festival involves a few main spots in Moscow to lighten up the crowd and give incredible emotions: the Ostankino tower,the Theatre Square, Tsaritsino park, the conference hall in Digital October for light master-classes and the concert hall in 'Mir' on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard. All the performances promise to be extremely beautiful and memorable.

The exact dates and addresses of the event will be announced further. Please check back at this Travel Lounge closer to the event date. 

Trip to Christmas Eve

You can’t possibly think on what to do in Moscow, especially if you come in winter! The capital will mesmerize you with its cold miraculous view and warm rich history.


Some really fascinating time will be the ‘Trip to Christmas Eve’ festival though, that will start 21st December and end on the 20th of January 2019. Ice shows, theatre performances, fireworks and winter games will lighten up the city centre.

These Moscow Events all promise to be amusing and memorable. Guests from all over the world are welcome to join us in Moscow festivals and holidays 2018. Our beautiful capital is ready to entertain citizen and tourists all year round. Fascinating activities, shows and fairs are planned all around the city to give you unforgettable emotions.