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Who Runs the Sleigh?


Who Runs the Sleigh?

Last modified on 20 Oct 2019

Can there possibly be a reason to love cold winters? Dear friends, there can! Mindblowing and shivering outdoor activities. Therefore, Moscow Tsaritsyno park has prepared an incredible winter surprise for everyone – sledding!

PradizSledding sounds simple and boring, doesn't it? But not if your sled is pulled by a real reindeer! An awesome 500 meter ride in Santa's sleigh. And that is not the only fascinating sledding affair for this winter in Moscow.

You might prefer Husky dog sledding. Tsaritsino Park can offer that too. A memorable 500 meter ride will give you a feeling of visiting the North Pole! Mind taking some wonderful photos with these strong and furry animals. You can also take a 700 meter ride in a carriage, attached to incredibly beautiful and massive pecheron horses.

PradizThe visit to Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow will become truly fascinating both for adults and for children!