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Brief History

Moscow, Moscow is the capital city of Russia and the biggest city in Eastern Europe and also one of the biggest in the world. It is located on the Moskva River in western Russia. The city has a population of over 13 million and occupied with over 120 ethnicities and nationalities.  The name of the city is thought to be derived from the name of the River Moskva which the city is built on, there are also other theories about the origin of the name including Latin origin which you can learn about when you visit Moscow.

Just to give a brief history of this beautiful city which is a tourist attraction site on its own;

At around 1147 it was just a minor town to the western border Vladimir-Suzdal Principality, this is where the reference of the name Moscow first dates as meeting place between Yuri Dolgoruky and Sviatoslav Olgovich. In around 1156 the town was fortified by timber and the later destroyed by the Mongols as it was burnt down. It was later rebuilt and ruled by several leaders and Grand was until the 14th century when the Kremlin first was built. This marked the foundations of the identity of modern Moscow which included the building of the St. Basil’s cathedral. The city has undergone ups and down which threatened its existence including fires, the famine of around 16th century and being captured, but it overcame it all with its people and stood tall to make the modern Moscow the capital City. The modern Moscow is secure from all kinds of threats and I can safely say it is safe to TRAVEL TO MOSCOW.


Moscow is considered one of the greenest cities in the world by several environmental organizations which are governmental, international and non-governmental. With around ninety-six parks, 18 gardens and new landscaping projects, this just confirms how Moscow is environmentally friendly. There are around four hundred and fifty square kilometers green zones in Moscow that is beside the one hundred square kilometers covered with forest. There are other attractions like the Moscow zoo which is a zoological garden that is split into two sections which are the valleys of the two streams linked by a bridge. It is home to nearly a thousand species and more than six thousand five hundred specimens. The zoo attracts millions of tourists yearly and you could be one of them. The natural environment protects most of these parks and landscaped gardens, they are also protected by the city. This and many other parks which are all famous all over Moscow are all beautiful and natural. Isn’t this place just beautiful to visit.



Moscow also has a good transport system which can be said it is roughly centered at the kremlin which is at the heart of the city. The road system appears to be spreading outwards from the center of the city. The road network in Moscow is famously known as the Moscow rings. E.g.  Garden ring, Third ring road, Moscow automobile Ring Road and others.

There are also train stations which are so beautiful that you can visit even if you are going nowhere. It is amongst the world’s most efficient and cleanest subway station which was opened in 1935. It is so beautiful you might think you are in a museum but it’s just a subway station which is rich in soviet history and can help you navigate through the city in an easy and fast way. There are international airports too.

Sports and culture

Moscow is also a sports and cultural center with over 5 stadiums in the city which are world class. Moscow has hosted both the Olympic and the world cup in which the home country performed really good in the latter. It is home to Russian premier league clubs like CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow and Spartak Moscow all of which have a world class stadium. Hosting the 2018 FIFA world cup final made Moscow one of the most visited cities in the summer of 2018.

The Kremlin

The city is a major economic center of Russia and is also of Russia’s many tourists’ attractions. The city serves as one of most populated inland cities because of its location on river Moskva, the city is known for its architectural prowess it’s home to the Ostankino tower which is the tallest free-standing structure in Europe. Also, Moscow Kremlin, a fortress at the heart of Moscow. Surrounded by Moskva river to the north, St. Basil’s Cathedral to the south, the red square to the east and the Alexander garden to the west. It is best known for the kremlins also known as the Russian citadels which include five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing the Kremlin wall with the Kremlin towers. The Kremlin wall is also known as the red wall now and it’s the residence of the president of Russia. When you make a trip to Russia specifically trip to Moscow you won’t miss this beautiful piece of architecture accompanied by ancient both beautiful and rough history. Just to give a brief history about the Kremlin wall, the site has been inhabited by the Finno-Ugric peoples since almost the 2nd century BC. Up to the14th century, it was known as ‘the grad of Moscow’, the name Kremlin first appeared in around 1330. This is just but a small portion of its ancient rich history, you can get the rest when you visit Moscow. Don’t worry about transport around and to and from Kremlin the nearest metro station to Kremlin in Moscow are Okothy Ryad and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina (it broke my tongue!) . Also, there are several hotels around Kremlin in which you can enjoy. Just to mention a few.

People red square hotel: They offer accommodations in central Moscow and it’s just a 5-minute walk from red square (Kremlin).

Suite with Kremlin view Tverskaya:  Also provides accommodations and basic hotel services.

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow: it is just off the red square, next to Kremlin. They offer world-class amenities.

That is just but to mention a few there are over seven luxurious hotels around Kremlin that offer accommodations and world-class amenities.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Also, known as The Cathedral of Vasiy The Blessed. It is a church located in the red square in Moscow and it is one of the most recognizable symbols in the country of Russia.  Its official name is the cathedral of the intercession of the most holy Theotokos on the Moat.  Just to give a brief history of the cathedral, it was built in the year 1955-1961 by Ivar the terrible. It wasn’t until its completion when the Ivar the Great Bell was complete in around 1600. It’s original building the Trinity church, eight churches built around the ninth. The tent was built in around 1588. It was perceived to be an earthly symbol of the heavenly city. It was popularly known as “Jerusalem”. Historians say that Ivar IV blinded the architect who built it in order for him not to build nothing else more beautiful than that. It was in danger of being demolished by Joseph Stalin but an architect went to a gulag to save it. The building is shaped like a flame of a bonfire rising to the sky. Isn’t that just beautiful, so when you visit Russia or Moscow don’t miss to visit this beautiful place in order to know more about its history. Now there are over 400 icons hanged on the wall painted over the centuries by good students of Moscow. In 1990 it was named together with the red square, a UNESCO world heritage site. Inside there is an overwhelmingly narrow pathway connects the alters, the pathway passes through a wooden spiral staircase that was so well hidden that it was not discovered until the 1970 restoration of the cathedral. So, visit Russia.

There is an abundance of hotels surrounding this beautiful piece of architecture in Moscow. Just to mention but a few;

The Barin Residence Balchug; located in the Balchug island in Moscow and just 600m from the red square.

Hotel Metropol Moscow; it is amazingly 0.4 miles away from the St. Basil’s Cathedral. They offer good accommodations, you can book a room there.

Hararat Park Ayat Moscow; it is located just half a mile away from the Cathedral

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow; it is located just about a third a mile away from the cathedral.

Those are just but a few.

Bolshoi Theatre

This an architectural masterpiece. It was built by an architect by the name Joseph Bove. It holds or hosts ballet and opera performances. Before the revolution, it was part of the imperial theatres that belonged to imperial Russia along with other theatres in Moscow. The theatre is the origin of The Bolshoi Ballet and The Bolshoi opera which are the biggest and amongst the oldest most recognizable and renowned ballet and opera companies in the world with over 200 dancers. It is also the owner of Bolshoi Ballet Academy, which is famous worldwide as a leading ballet school. It was re-opened in 2011 after six years of renovation. Just to give a brief history or origin of the Bolshoi company, it was started 0n 28th march of 1776 when prince Ouroussoff was granted a license by Catherine II to organize a theatrical performance, ball and other kinds of entertainment. It later grew overcame fires and other forms of destruction to be the famous and legendary Bolshoi theatre.

The Bolshoi theatre is like a cultural heritage and prestige for Russian orchestral culture and other classic Russian operas such as Mussorgsky’s Boris Gundov, Glinka’s A Life for the Tsar. Just but to mention a few.

The quality of theatre performance is of the highest standard and can be compared to Broadway, featuring revered to be world’s best dancers and directors have featured in this theatre and it continues to provide a stage for renowned talents in ballet dancing and opera.

If you visit Russia especially Moscow, make sure to spend an evening in the theatre for an experience of a lifetime.

There are several hotels near the legendary Bolshoi theater including;

Hotel Mtropol Moscow – this is the nearest hotel to the Bolshoi theatre.


Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow – It’s just about a tenth of a mile from the theatre and it’s also a 5-star hotel for a world-class experience book a room here.

The Armory Chamber

The Armory chamber is also known as the Kremlin armory is another big tourist attraction site in Moscow. It is one of the oldest museums in Moscow. it is located in Kremlin Moscow and was established in 1851. It originated in the royal arsenal in 1508, the armory was in charge of weapons, jewelry and other various household articles for the tsars until when the court was transferred to St. Petersburg. It was also a workstation for the jewelers, painters and other valuable workers.  Peter the great had majority of masters moved to the new capital in 1711 and 15 years later the armory was merged with the oldest depository of the royal treasures also known as the fiscal yard.  The present armory building was built in 1844 – 1852 by the imperial architect Konstantin Ton. That is just but a brief history of this wonderful museum.

This kremlin armory is presently the home of Russian Diamond Fund, which holds unique collections of Russians, Western European and eastern applied arts that have been collected over a span of 15 centuries. To mention some but just a few of the highlights of these collections are;

The imperial crown of Russia by jeweler Jeremie Pauzie, Monomakh’s cap

The ivory throne of Ivar the terrible

There are also other artifacts with significant history impact which were collected and stored in this museum.

When you are visiting Russia or Moscow pay this place a visit and you will surely learn in details about its precious artifacts.

You can book a room in a hotel nearby Kremlin for a daily close up look if you wish, in which you should.

Lenin Mausoleum

Another major attraction is the Lenin Mausoleum, which is also known as The Lenin’s Tomb. It is located in the red square at the center of Moscow. This Mausoleum currently serves as the resting place of the Russian Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. His preserved body has been on public display in the museum since 1924, after his death and was wartime. It was built in 1924 by an architect by the name Alexey Shchusev as he was instructed to build a structure suitable for viewing Lenin’s body. After its completion, over one hundred thousand people visited the structure and later that year a bigger Tomb was built for the body. Later in 1930, they found a way to make the body last even longer.  Later in the late months of 1941 Lenin’s body was evacuated to Tyumen, Siberia. It appeared that Moscow was in danger of being captured by the Germans, but it was later returned to Moscow in the Tomb after the war and the tomb was re-opened. Over ten million people have visited the Tomb between 1924 and 1972. The body preservation was supported by the Soviet government until its fall in 1991 where the government canceled its financial support, private donations continued to support the staff and the preservation. In 2016 the government said it planned to spend a lot of money in order to preserve the body. After the 1991 fall of Soviet government, there have been discussions about moving Lenin’s body and burying him alongside his mother Maria Alexandrovna but his successor Vladimir Putin prevented that from happening and said it would mean they would have lost their values under the Soviet rule. There was a website even placed by the United Russia party where people could vote whether or not to rebury Vladimir Lenin 70 percent of the people yes. In the present day the Mausoleum is open to the public on selected days of Tuesday Wednesday Saturday and Sunday and except on any public holiday in Russia. The entrance is free so when visiting Russia pay this monumental historic Tom a visit and it will just take your time not money, maybe transportation. Though you might consider these few rules that should be observed while visiting this place.

–          You must be searched by the police or the military guard at the gates.

–          There is no filming or taking photographs while in the Tomb.

–          You should queue before seeing the body.

–          You should not wear hats while in the Tomb as a form of respect.

–          There is no smoking in the Tomb.

–          Keeping your hands in your pocket is forbidden inside the Tomb.

–          No talking while inside the Tomb.

These are just but simple rules which are aimed at showing respect to Vladimir Lenin’s body. Make sure to pay a visit to learn more about Lenin and his famous quotes.

Pushkin Museum

This is another monumental tourist attraction site, it is the largest museum of European art in Moscow. It is located on Volkhonka street just opposite the cathedral of Christ the savior. It has held the international music festivals Sviatoslav Richter’s December nights since 1981.  It was founded by Ivan Tsvetaev who persuaded the millionaire and philanthropist Yuriy Nachaev-maltsov and fashionable architect Roman Klein on the urgent need to give Moscow a museum of fine arts. The museum has undergone tough times and transitions but overcame it all and later it was named after Pushkin to honor his memory on his 100th death anniversary. The construction of the building lasted for years between 1898 and 1912. Renovations have been planned over the years but it’s been hard due to some reasons.

Over seven hundred thousand paintings, sculptures, archeological and animalistic objects, drawings, applied works and photographs are currently included in the Pushkin state museum of fine arts holdings. The records about its objects and other museums under the holding are kept by the department of manuscripts.

The paintings are pieces of byzantine arts, mosaic and icons. There are paintings by famous painters like Giambattista Pittoni and many others from artists from western Europe and Italy. After 1924, many art collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg both state and privately owned were presented to the museum these arts were done by painters of western Europe, the pieces provided by the state hermitage and were of particular importance. The gallery was complete in around 1948 when artworks by French painters of 19th and 20th century were transferred into the museum.

The sculptures in the museum are a collection of western European origin and are of 600 pieces. Over the years the museum has expanded and now it owns artworks of since 6th century to 20th century. In 1924 the museum received sculptures from nationalized collection. Those are just but a few mentions of beautiful pieces of art you will find in this museum, so when you visit Moscow or Russia or St. Petersburg make sure to pass through the Pushkin state museum of fine arts for an experience of a lifetime.

Tretyakov gallery

It is the one of the most notable museums in Moscow. Founded by a wealthy patron of the arts Pavel Tretyakov who donated large portion of his private collection to the city. The gallery is divided into two which is the old, original Tretyakov build and the new one. The old original building contains the paintings of pre-revolutionary painters like IIya Repin and early Russian painters also. The new building gallery was established in soviet times and contains works from the soviet artists and few contemporary paintings. The outstanding feature in the new Tretyakov gallery is that it contains small reconstruction of Vladimir Tatlin’s famous monument to the third international and also mixture of     avant-garde works by various artists. It’s a place rich in history and easy to travel to especially when you are in Moscow.


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