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The Port of Five Seas Lost in Land: 5 Reasons to Visit Moscow this Winter!


The Port of Five Seas Lost in Land: 5 Reasons to Visit Moscow this Winter!

Last modified on 20 Oct 2019

Do you know the mystery of Moscow underground? Or that the city's TV tower is the tallest one in Europe? Moscow is one of the most mysterious cities for foreign guests. It is the city of contrasts, a place where modern meets the traditional. What will you uncover visiting the city this winter?

In the capital of Russia, you will…

Feel Special

PradizMoscow has welcomed people among its walls for many centuries. Everyone who ever lived inside or passed through it has left a mark, the sum of which makes Moscow a truly special city.

Each one of its famous sights has a story to tell, the story that no two people will experience the same. Whatever you feel, see, touch, smell, or taste here becomes the part of you. Moscow, too, will be a different city once you experienced it.

See Things You've Never Seen or Thought about Before

Russia is not a part of the European Union, running its own show for the last 100 years. It is this extraordinary  spectacle with all its variety that makes the country so truly special.

Did you know that Moscow is a port of 5 seas? You can reach Baltic, White, Black, Azov, or Caspian Straight, and all thanks to the Moscow Canal. To top that, Moscow has the fastest subway system all over the world, the biggest university building, and the biggest amount of cash all over Europe.

In Moscow, secrets lay hidden just under the city's vibrancy and buzz. Take Metro-2 for instance; it is a special metro system located much, much deeper than the regular one. During the Soviet period it was considered a city legend, but now, its existence is not under the rose any longer. Moscow is the city of exciting discoveries. Which of them is waiting for you personally?

Become Surrounded by the True Winter

PradizNo, it's not about being extremely cold in Moscow. The point is that Moscow winter begins straight after real autumn and ends before summer.

Every city in the world has 4 official seasons, but Moscow has 4 real ones. Vesting the city it their  respective colors, each season brings out something new, offering you a completely different experience every time.

Moscow is a city of sweet awakening spring, hot and exciting summer, slow, calming autumn, and fairy winter. Sip them slowly!

Visit Several Cities at the Same Time

A century ago, Moscow had the population of about 1 million. Now it's 12 times bigger in number. The city's growing so fast that you can see the whole historical periods rubbing against one another. Moscow is the capital of a country with over 400 ethnicities. It’s the city of Churches, Mosques, Buddhist Temples; the city of Monarchy, Socialism, and of Conservatism. The Russian Travel Agency Pradiz will offer not only a trip to another location, but to all the centuries that came before.

Crossing the street alone will make you feel like you're in another century. A city of time and space magic indeed!

Visit the City with the Biggest Soul

PradizMoscow's New Year Eve is probably the biggest celebration ceremony all over Europe. New Year Eve in Moscow is not just hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the New Year outside. It’s all of those people celebrating New Year Eve together.

Moscow is a city of millions. At the same time, it’s the one made for you. It embraces anyone willing to share in its secrets.