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 My trip to Russia at 2019


 My trip to Russia at 2019

Last modified on 20 Oct 2019

In our fast-changing world,where the boundaries between cultures become smaller, everyday people want to visit and explore something new. Personally I wanted to travel since my sophomore year at university. I had a kind of a fascinating childhood, because my parents challenged all their affords to show me the world. At that moment I have already visited all countries of Europe. It was a gloomy evening when I decided to come back to the big country, that I had already visited once as a small kid- Russia. Taking to the consideration that I have been to Saint Petersburg, I made a decision to go to Moscow.

Being a skillful traveler, I haven’t had any problems with finding a tour operator. Perhaps, this happened because I’ve got lots of friends who are always ready to help. I was recommended several operators; however the most attractive one appeared to be Pradiz. Here I want to mention several issues about their speed of service. Tickets were booked in seconds and bought in 10 minutes. The next emergency was that I needed to find a hotel that would be based on my wishes (I have a lot).  A choosy client I was. Cozy, not so far from the city center, clean, comfortable hotel. Literally half an hour later, I have 10 different options, including various pricing policies.

Then, without any hesitations, we devoted time for the tour program itself. Time to time people  can not see the main landmarks, even if they live in Moscow for their whole life. Not to talk about tourists, as I was, who are there for a couple of days. Everything was done immediately. A couple of days passed and I found myself in the center of the airport in Moscow. My first impressions from the first second, we could see Stalinist skyscrapers and the halls of the Moscow City business center.

Well, how can you omit walking around Arbat or Tverskaya? Pedestrian tours were a perfect choice for a summer time. On the other hand, nothing is perfect ( and perfect is nothing ?). The following day after I came, it has been raining cats and dogs. This little inconvenience did not spoil my trip to Moscow at all. I turned another page of my plan and desired to go to the Darwin's Museum. For me this place was a complete  discovery! The Darvin’s evolution was pictured there from the very beginning to the nowadays. All those unforgettable statues, unbelievably realistic pictures and a bit of secrets in the air couldn’t leave me indifferent to this place. As for me, it took  about 4 hours to enjoy a full museum tour. The entrance fee is also very attractive, so that everybody can afford themselves to go, even though you hardly make your ends meet. Nevertheless, that was not the last landmark in my plan.

For the next days weather kept me as cool as cucumber, because it was +20*, kind of a combo from sun and warmth together. A lot of places were typical for tourists in Moscow. I cannot but emphasize the high quality of my trip. Being a total sweet-tooth, I even knew the places where I could buy tasty candies for my friends and relatives. After little shopping, I went to my hotel.

The vital point here is that I could get there from any place or metro station in the city. This is one more plus to this tour operator. They really take care of their clients, and it does not matter wether they are rich or not. Finally, I want to mention that I had an unforgettable time in Moscow. I did not waste money on tick-toes or unnecessary things, only on essentials. Moscow  is it kind of the city that cannot leave you indifferent-you will love it or hate it. At the same time you will undoubtedly want to come back. For instance I haven’t seen even one thing that left the same in Russia. Do not miss your chance!