Until recently, we would not have been able to find that tiny path from which the road to the exciting, mysterious and dangerous Space (Cosmos in Russian) starts!

Star City Moscow

Star City museum // photo: http://gctc.ru/

Until recently, we would not have been able to find that tiny path from which the road to the exciting, mysterious and dangerous Space (Cosmos in Russian) starts!
More than five decades ago Yuri Gagarin (Jurij Gagarin) Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Centre was founded. Though, its name, in fact, is quite modern. The inhabitants of the town, where the center spreads, call it affectionately Zvezdny Gorodok – Star City in English.

Up to the 90s, the place was top-secret and could have been visited only if you had a special pass. The location of Star City in Moscow was a secret. Geographic map didn’t have any information about this place, signs on the road ‘kept quiet’ and didn’t tell the direction to the cosmonaut training centre. But the legendary place starts slowly revealing its secrets.

From all over the world tourists visit this amazing place, where the majority of populations consists of cosmonauts, scientists, center’s employees, and their families. Take a Star City Tour during your trip to Russia – this is an experience you will remember, and certainly shouldn’t miss!

Time to Go North-East

Some 25 km in the northern-east direction from Moscow and you are welcomed by Star City Moscow. There are several others similar facilities across Russia – but most of them are closed to public or even classified. Star City in Moscow is the most notorious of them.

In the museum halls you will touch objects that will leave on you indelible impression, the impression that will not fade with time. In its Space Museum, you will see the priceless collection of space apparatus, including the replica of the first modular space station ‘Mir’ that now rests at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Mir station // photo: ramnikonovskaya.edumsko.ru

The first rocket and the first flight control console, personal items and original decorations of cosmonauts, their equipment for operation in zero gravity and open space excite every tourist.
You can visit the reconstructed office of Yuri  Gagarin, which every cosmonaut traditionally visit before the trip to the space. The guide will tell you about life and work of the first cosmonaut, you will have chance to get acquainted with the unique documents of manned spaceflights. He was trained here, in the Moscow Star City.

What astounds there the most is centrifuges – the complex engineering modules creating g-forces that cosmonauts experience at the launch and landing on the Earth.
You will see neutral buoyancy pool where cosmonauts get trained to work outside the spaceship.

Functioning Cosmonaut Training Facility

photo: http://gctc.ru/

You will have a chance to touch the working training facility of the International Space Station, this multi-purpose space exploration complex.

So many things Star City Moscow can offer! Do you want to visit the spaceship? How about trying a space suit on? Excited about tasting space meals? Talk to a real cosmonaut (if you’re lucky to meet one there) and visit Space Souvenir Shop, to purchase a true unique Russian souvenir? All is possible! You will take with you not only astonishing stories about work and life of cosmonauts, but also you will get a certificate of visiting cosmonaut training center. And Star City Price is very affordable – everyone can feel like a real cosmonaut! If you are interested in such a tour, you can book your private Star City Tour anytime!

To the stars!

Every of Star City Tours features the Planetarium – an amazing virtual journey across galaxy is waiting for you!  This special celestial navigation complex shows 9000 stars! As if, the curtains were drawn and the universe is there for you with its numerous galaxies. Shimmering star light takes you to the world of unearthly beauty. You stride across the star sky at 400 km above the Earth! This virtual flight is accompanied by an amazing narration about stars and constellations, asteroids and comets, the Milky Way. You will hear so many other surprising stories about the life in the Universe.

Yuriy Gagarin’s uniform // photo: http://gctc.ru/

Do you want to know the Star City Location? It is located in a north-eastern Moscow suburb Korolev, named after famous Russian spacecraft constructor Sergey Korolev, lives its remarkable life.  Its pulse follows the pulse of the Universe. Before departure, take a walk through the legendary Hero Cosmonauts Alley.  In the dense greenery, you might see squirrels with bushy tails. In the lake created by cosmonauts, you will see fish.  And the royal swans glide on the mirror surface and try for so many years to solve the riddle – how to overcome gravity and touch the stars. Book your Star City Tour today, and our professional Moscow tour guide will turn it into an unforgettable experience!