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3 day Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana Holiday

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See Russian Riviera and the Caucasus on your 3 day Sochi tour

Unveil the enigmatic charm of the Russian Riviera, on your 3-day Sochi tour by Pradiz. See for yourself the beauty of modern and kinetic Sochi stretching between the panoramic Black Sea, and the ethereal calm of the Caucasus.

On your tour you will be able to visit Krasnaya Polyana, Russia’s best skiing spot, Sky Park by Hackett, complete with world-class zip lines and bungee jumping facilities, 2014 Sochi Olympics village, and many more places, which will reveal to you the magic of the Russian Southern Coast.

Visit Sochi on your 3 day Pradiz tour of Sochi and its surroundings. Known as the pearl of the Caucasus, Sochi is a unique destination to spend an unforgettable time both at the seaside and in the mountains.

On your 3 day Pradiz Sochi Tour, you will be able to see one of Europe’s best skiing destinations Krasnaya Polyana, marvel at the architectural heritage of Sochi 2014 Olympics, and visit to Sky Park, one of the world’s best extreme sports clusters. All this set against the backdrop of Russian joie de vivre and the opulence of this choice destination. Also can be taken tours of Mount Akhun and Adler Theme Park tour.


  • Visit Sochi, the beach destination of choice in Russia
  • Enjoy transfers, English and other major languages traveling assistance and guiding
  • Go to Krasnaya Polyana, one of Europe’s most zippy and modern ski destinations
  • Boost your adrenalin levels at Ski Park by Hackett, providing some of the world’s best extreme sports experiences, in a picture-perfect mountain setting(optional)
  • Visit the Sochi 2014 Olympics village
  • Uncover Akhun Mountain, one of the most scenic locales in the Black Sea coast (optional)
  • Go for a super-shot of adrenaline during a rollercoaster ride at Theme Park in Adler (optional)

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Day 1 - The Beauty of the Russian Riviera

Day 1 - The Beauty of the Russian Riviera

The fame of Sochi is well deserved due to its energetic urban life, glamorous night adventures, perfect seaside, the Olympics infrastructure, mild climate, and a unique blend of tropics and the high-rise mountains setting. What truly adds to that experience is a truly Alpine idyll at the high altitude, for example when visiting Krasnaya Polyana, Russia’s top skiing resort. The blend of different eco-systems makes for a nonpareil intermeshing of flora and fauna in the region, providing you with a chance to see one of the world’s most unique eco-settings.

After your arrival in Sochi, you will have some time to rest. After to take in the tranquil prettiness of the Russian Southern capital by day, you will go on a tour of the city center, with walking and driving touring experiences.

Day 2 - The Caucasian Idyll at Krasnaya Polyana

Day 2 - The Caucasian Idyll at Krasnaya Polyana

After your first acquaintance with Sochi, you will take a tour of the mountains.

There, you will be driving along picturesque mountain roads, surrounded by bucolic landscapes, which are inevitable in the Caucasus. Even though the scenery in itself is a magnet for tourists, there is more to come. To gob-smacking vistas, will be added one of Europe’s newest ski resorts, Krasnaya Polyana, with luxurious hotels and restaurants, vertiginous mountain paths, and fast skiing slopes.

If after all that you still have itchy feet and are in for some adrenaline, head to Ski Park.
Situated nearby, this cluster is one of the best places to do extreme sports in Russia. The vibe of the moment will definitely help you relish the ziplines-rides, bungee-jumping, and many more, all that at un-matched truly dizzy cutting-edge facilities.

What ensues is the trip back to Sochi, for you to enjoy the luring Russian Riviera by night.

Day 3 - The new Olympia

Day 3 - The new Olympia

On your last day in Sochi, you will be touring the 2014 Olympics architectural landmarks, with a scenic ride past the most beautiful spots in the city. On the program are Sochi Olympic Park and Sochi Olympic village. After the touring experience, you will be taken to the airport.

Note that can be added to the tour program the following: Akhun Mountain Sochi, and Theme Park Sochi, one of the best places to have fun and enjoy a speedy rollercoaster ride. The tour can be extended and suited to your wishes and needs.


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