Bunker 42 – How to get there from Moscow center

Last modified on 29 Oct 2017


With this guide it will be very easy for you to find the Bunker 42 in Moscow (the Cold War Museum) and get back to the city center after the tour.

So book the Bunker 42 Tour now and enjoy your visit!


Bunker 42 Address: 5-y Kotelnicheskiy per., 11. View it on the Google Map.

The nearest metro station is Taganskaya Circle Line #5.

TIP: Allow some 30-35 minutes for the suggested route. It is only 2 metro stops from the city centre, but you need to change lines.  


You will probably be going to the Bunker 42 from Moscow city center. So, we start from Revolution Square that is somewhat between Red Square and the Bolshoy Theater. The nearest metro entrance is Revolution Square (or Ploshad Revolyutsii in Russian), it is marked with a green arrow below. 

Once inside the metro and after getting through turnstiles, you will see two escalators. You need the one that is on your right, it will take you to the Revolution Square station (Dark Blue line #3)


Once at the platform turn right and take the first approaching train. You need Kurskaya Station (Курская). It is next stop.
When you get off the train at Kurskaya Station take the staircase at the center of the platform (as arrow shows) and change to Kurskaya Circle Line. 
At the end of the underground passage (on the right-side picture above) go down the stairs to Kurskaya Station of the Circle Line (Line #5). Get on the first train from the platform under the stairs.
Get off at the next stop - Taganskaya Station (Circle Line #5). At one end of the platform is a staircase and on the other - escalator. Take the escalator to exit the metro.
When you get out of the metro, there is the following view:
Please turn left - you will see a church (on the picture below). You need to get closer to it. From that point you will see a yellow 3-storey building on the opposite side of the street. Now follow the arrows and turn left at the end of the buidling. 

You will get the following views. The name of the street below is 5-y Kotelnicheskiy per. The Bunker 42 is at 5-y Kotelnicheskiy per., 11.

When you walk to the church, cross the street, pass by one building and on your left hand side you will see the Bunker 42 structure. The facade of the building shows the sign Бункер-42 and the red star next to it. At the end of that buidling turn left. There are green gates - you made it to the Bunker! Enjoy your Bunker 42 Tour in Moscow