Time to ogle at the Catherine Palace and the unique Amber Room – the 8th wonder of the world!

Photo: tzar.ru
The Palace of Catherine the Great – the most renown of the Russian Empresses. It takes a truly strong woman to not only live in an age where most women were not taken into account by men at all, but to rule over her people. This palace is an embodiement of the “Enlightened Absolutism” of Catherine – and our guide will tell you her story, whilst walking among the halls of this terrific palace.

Activity Details

Duration: 5 hours
Private guided tour: English, German, French, Spanish
Available: Daily, except Tuesday

Important Information

Daily, except Tuesdays and last Monday of a month. Tour out of Town.

Tour Highlights

  • The Catherine Palace (visit)
  • The Admiralty Pavilion (outside)
  • The Amber Room (visit)
  • The Grotto Pavilion (outside)
  • The Cameron Gallery (outside)
  • Catherine Park of Tsarskoe Selo (visit)

Tour Details

The ensemble of palaces and parks, Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar’s Village in English) is a true paragon among the summer residences of the Russian emperors – the Romanovs and a UNESCO heritage site. In approximately one hour drive from St. Petersburg, the Catherine Palace awaits you in its glory.

The Catherine Palace astonishes visitors with the golden baroque interiors belonging to the epoch of Empress Elizabeth, Peter the Great’s daughter. Can you imagine that here the Empress could host up to 3000 guests for dinner?

On this excursion you will admire the splendor of Golden enfilade, including the Crimson Pilaster Parlor, the Grand Hall, and definitely the true jewel of this place – the Amber Room. It took around 6000 kilogram of amber to reconstruct the room looted and lost by Nazis in the World War II. Its intricate combination of gold, mirror and amber creates the unforgettable image of opulence, grandeur and craftsmanship.

Neighboring the Catherine Palace, Catherine Park spreads out with its baroque and neoclassical style pavilions, Cameron Gallery and the famous lake. Our experienced guide will take you for a stroll around with beautiful and picturesque places.