Visit Fedoskino, where luxury and the exquisite Russian imagery met, witness the glory of the Russian craft! 


Succumb to the exquisite beauty of the Russian art on the tour of Fedoskino village by Russian Tour Operator Pradiz. Fedoskino lacquer boxes are one of the prime examples of the Russian craftsmanship and industry. Fedoskino is a village to the north of Moscow, it is one of Russia’s oldest source of ornamental accessories and the country’s first center of lacquer miniature painting. The famous Russian lacquer boxes have been manufactured in Fedoskino for more than 300 years.

On your Fedoskino village tour you will be able to see boxes painted and also to witness other stages of production. On the program are a visit to the factory, a workshop on the painting and lacquering, and a visit to the store where you can buy the factory produce at a price that differs from those you see in Moscow.

Fedoskino lacquer boxes are prized among the world’s collectors and are a jewel in every connoisseurs collection. Going on a tour of Fedoskino village, the ancient center of the Russian craft, you will be able to see the work at the factory that has made this Russian village a byword for quality and fine design. Also you will be able to buy boxes at a price below that in Moscow and enjoy one of the biggest choices of Fedoskino lacquer miniature painting objects.

Activity Details

Duration: 5 hours
English, German, French, Spanish
Available: Daily, except Sunday, Saturday

Important Information

Optional tour extension

  • participate in a workshop on manufacturing boxes.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Fedoskino village, an ancient settlement to the north of Moscow
  • Visit Fedoskino Factory to see how Russian lacquer boxes are produced
  • Attend a workshop on making the famous Russian lacquer boxes (optionally)

Tour Details


Uncover the hidden world of the famous Russian miniature painting. On your tour you will see Russian artisans manufacturing and painting famous Russian lacquer boxes in what is known as Fedoskino technique. Named after the village in which the factory is located this technique has been the pride of Russia for centuries.

Founded by Pyotr Korobov, the factory later passed to Pior Lukutin, Korobov’s son-in law. The secret of the factory success is its papier-mache technology, the special design of and the painting on its boxes; the technology made the factory wares as hard as wood and as light as paper, and the painting on the object’s surface made it recognizable throughout the world.

It rode the wave of high demand for luxury items in Imperial Russia. Lacquer boxes were in high demand, especially popular were the factory snuff boxes, a necessary object for every dandy.

It achieved such heights in manufacturing luxury objects for the Russian public that it became known abroad and its produce sought after by the world’s collectors. Its snuffboxes and other wares are irreplaceable companions of Russian writers, aristocracy and simply people from all over the world with good taste and a yearning for something exotic and refined.

More than half of the village’s population are said to have been involved in the production of Fedoskino miniature painting wares. Thus you can literally meet the people who made history manufacturing and contributing to the production of the Fedoskino wares of highest quality.


Note that many other locales produce things under Fedoskino brand. Going on a tour of Fedoskino you visit the original source of Fedoskino miniature painting items and unveil the secrets of a factory which has preserved the Fedoskino original quality and inspiration. What is more it is possible for you to buy the wares by the Fedoskino factory at a special price and place wholesale orders.

To get to the Fedoskino village you will meet your guide in the lobby of your central hotel, and take a ride on a metro and one of a suburban regular train bringing you to the station closest to the Fedoskino village; the train fare is included. Afterwards, enjoy the picturesque landscape out the window of your comfy taxi on your way to the Fedoskino factory, the price of which is about 650 roubles.

Go on a tour of Fedoskino village with Russian Tour Operator Pradiz. Going on the tour of Fedoskino with Pradiz is one of Moscow main tourist attractions, and is one of the best things to do in Russia. Apart from a visit to this veritably unique site, the tour includes a scenic train ride, a metro ride, and a pick up at your centrally located hotel. Face the enigma of the Russian craft on your Fedoskino factory tour with Pradiz, Russia’s leading tour operator.