The Grand Express – A Historic Train Connecting the Two Capitals

There are a bunch of ways to travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, Russia. Proudly titled ‘The Northern Capital of Russia’, St Petersburg enjoys a number of links to other cities, including the actual capital — Moscow. A discerning traveller can fly first class or book an entire compartment on a bullet train, and such a trip would be fast, considering the distance between Moscow and St Petersburg.

However, if you want your journey from Moscow to St Petersburg to be truly luxurious and authentic, you can’t do better than take a ride on The Grand Express — a true first class Russian train. And, to make things even better, you can book it with us at a special price! Leave it to our manager to arrange your trip on the Grand Express overnight train.

What’s So Special About This Train?

The Grand Express train is not just a way of getting from Moscow to St Petersburg. It’s a unique experience: an authentic moving hotel with luxurious amenities and breathtaking cars that can only be rivaled by the immaculate interior and bespoke service.

Imagine spending the night sitting on a comfy sofa and sipping on your favorite drink while the train carries you all the way to the Northern capital — or to the heart of Moscow. Then, just as the rhythmic din of the wheels lulls you to sleep, you take an onboard shower and slip into the softest bathrobe you can imagine, just to finally give in to slumber, where even your wildest dreams cannot surpass your actual surroundings.

Reminiscent of the way Russian aristocrats used to socialize on the road from Moscow to St Petersburg (a lot of Russian literature is based upon this), the restaurant car offers the same amount of old-fashioned luxury with modern amenities. Not to mention that the meals rival even the most impressive restaurant selections! Last but not least, the VIP bar will be a great choice for the finest connoisseurs and complimentary Wi-Fi will make sure that you always stay connected — or disconnected, if you prefer to simply enjoy the silent ride and the atmosphere of quiet lavishness surrounding you.

What’s Inside the Grand Express Train?

The Grand Express is an extra-comfortable, ultra-luxurious train that has several options to offer both the exceptionally well-to-do travellers and the price-wary thrill-seekers. As far as compartments go, the train offers the following options: the Grand Imperial, the Grand Imperial Single, the Grand, the Grand De Luxe, the Grand Single, the Premium, the Premium Single, First Class and Economy compartments.

Whew! Now we realise that’s a lot of options to consider, so how about we outline the differences among all these fine options on this luxury train in our neat little list below?

  1. The Grand Imperial is the epitome of everything this private overnight train has to offer: it’s twice as big as the usual compartments, has a private bathroom and air conditioning. Throw in a 110 cm wide transforming sofa and the softest bed linen you can imagine — and you get the unforgettable experience, with all the amenities of a five-star hotel.
  2. The Grand Imperial Single offers the same size and luxury, only with additional privacy. This compartment also has to be purchased in its entirety, but in the Grand Imperial Single you’re gonna be the sole resident of this hotel-level dwelling, enjoying a private bathroom with a folding comb, cotton pads, shower gels and all the other amenities that make a great trip truly perfect.
  3. The Grand Deluxe is a great choice for those who desire a private bathroom and a travel set of fine amenities. The price also includes free Wi-Fi and access to a private TV set.
  4.  The Grand is slightly smaller, with an area that’s 1.5 times as big as a common compartment, but still includes a shower cabin, a toilet, and hot breakfast — just like all the aforementioned compartments.
  5.  The Grand Single offers the same classy options as the Grand, only you can enjoy it alone if you’re travelling solo and want to treat yourself.
  6. The Premium might not have a private bathroom like the other options, but it still has a private sink and a travel set. Moreover, the linen is just as soft and the safe will keep your personal effects… well, safe.
  7.  The Premium Single is the same level of comfort, just for you and you alone, with a 100 cm wide transforming sofa and hot breakfast. Truly a break you deserve!
  8. The name First Class speaks for itself. If you feel like socializing and don’t want a compartment all to yourself (or you and your companion), you can enjoy the journey in this fabulous compartment with 70 cm wide sofas and TV. And, of course, the price includes complimentary amenities and a wonderful hot breakfast!
  9.  There is nothing second class about Economy on the Grand Express train. Each of the four beds is 70 cm wide, and, with free Wi-Fi and electric sockets (which are also available in all the cabins), you will surely feel like you got the best quality for the price spent.

And, last but not least, there’s a lavish dining car called Restogrand on board, where you can partake in luscious meals and friendly conversations. The cuisine is international, so you can try something European or something more to the East. One way or another, there will be something to tingle your taste buds — and fine wines too! You can, of course, pay with a credit card and have your meal delivered directly to your compartment, if you so wish.


What About the Trip?

The Grand Express departure times

Considering that the Grand Express is an overnight train, the schedule is plain: The train leaves the Leningradsky station in Moscow at 11.40 p.m. and takes roughly 9 hours (8h 56min to be precise) to reach the Moskovsky railway station in St Petersburg at 8.36 a.m. As for the return trip, it only takes 8 hours and 25 minutes, with the elite Russian train leaving St Petersburg at 11.49 p.m. and arriving in Moscow at 8.14 a.m.

The Grand Express Train distance

As for the distance between Moscow and St Petersburg, it’s 635 kilometers in this case — roughly 395 miles. And, with all the splendour that the Grand Express provides, you’ll be wishing for the nine-hour journey to never end.

How to Book the Grand Express Train

Of course, it might seem like booking this train requires effort on your part, considering that it is, essentially, a two-in-one experience: a trip on an authentic private train with impeccable service and an overnight stay in a moving hotel, full with room service and fine dining. In reality, booking the Grand Express is the easiest thing you can imagine: just contact us, and we will book the Grand Express train tickets for you. You don’t have to go searching for train tickets from Moscow to St Petersburg or worry about booking the wrong compartment. Our team will take care of everything so you can travel from Moscow to St Petersburg and back in style.

Not only is this fabulously easy, we are also offering you a special price that you can discuss with our travel experts. The Grand Express ticket price starts from 85$ USD, and varies depending on the compartment type, and class. Just take the opportunity to treat yourself to a fantastic trip on the first private train in Russia — a train ride that is a unique, classy, fashionable experience.

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