Travel through the time and epochs of the Russian regal splendor!

By many the Great Kremlin Palace is considered impossible to visit, but not for us. We offer you an exciting opportunity to see and experience the heart of the Kremlin!

This palace (which in reality is the complex of palaces) will strike you with its magnificence, glamour and opulence! Russian tsar, emperors, General Secretaries of USSR and Presidents had it as their residence. All of them left their unique imprint on the styles and interior design of the palaces.

You will see halls in the Byzantine, Old Russian, Rococo, Baroque and Classicism styles. All these halls and in fact parts of different palaces are interconnected to such extent that you won’t probably guess in which part of the building you are.

You will see five grand reception halls. The Grand Halls: Vladimirsky, Andreyevsky, Aleksandrovsky, Ekaterininsky, and Georgievsky (named after the Orders of the Russian Empire) are used even today for diplomatic purposes and official ceremonies. Gold, marble and intricate design will create indescribable impressions! You will walk through the room of Ivan the Terrible, Tsarina’s Golden Chamber and the halls where tsars were crowned! You will see a true wonder of this complex – the Palace of Facets, the banquet hall, which welcomed international ambassadors and Terem Palace – the palace of the first Russian Royal dynasty.

Use this great chance to visit the Grand Kremlin Palace to create memories of the lifetime!

We are the Palace Qualified Partner & happy to offer:

OPT. 1 |  Group Grand Kremlin Palace Tour

The guided group tours are normally offered 2-3 times a month on weekdays or weekends (except Thursdays) in English. For dates, details & prices please view: Grand Kremlin Palace Group Tour

OPT. 2 |  Private Grand Kremlin Palace Tour – REDUCED PRICE!

For those who require a tour an a specific date and wish to enjoy the Palace halls privately, we are glad to offer private guided visits there.

There is a fixed price for a party of 1 – 20 persons:

2150 USD – Save 360 USD! View our Special Promo and the best price on the Great Kremlin Palace tour!

The price includes private guided tour and all admissions for 1 – 20 guests.

  • The price applies if the tour is booked 3 weeks in advance or earlier. Please view here the terms for a shorter notice.
  • Private tours can be arranged for virtually any date, except Thursdays and public holidays.
  • The max. number of people on a tour is 20. In case your party is larger than this, we will offer to book two tours with us.
  • Tours are provided in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. In case you require a tour in any other language, it will increase the tour total by 100 USD.


  • Andreyevsky, Alexandrovsky, Vladimirsky and Georgievsky Halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace
  • Terem Palace (Teremnoy Palace)
  • Faceted Palace (Palace of Facets)
  • Private rooms of an Empress, incl. study and bedchamber

Important To Note (Applies To Both Group & Private Tours):

  • Tour duration: 2 hours
  • Group tours may start at any time between 10 am and 2:30 pm. An exact start time is announced some 5-10 days before the tour.
  • Private tours are confirmed for the time requested by you.
  • On some occasions, the Palace Administration may suggest an alternative tour date due to an unexpected official event. In case the new suggested date is not suitable, we will issue a 100% refund.
  • Passport details (full name, passport number & citizenship) of each guest are required at the time of booking.
  • Children of 8 y.o. and older are allowed on our Private and Group tours.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the tour:

  • 30 days or more before the start of the tour:  no cancellation fee
  • less than 30 days before the start of the tour:  100% cancellation fee

On The Day Of The Tour:

  • Please be on time for the Grand Kremlin Palace tour!! It is not possible to join the group after the tour starts.
  • Taking backpacks inside the Palace is not allowed (you will be able to leave those at the Kremlin luggage room free of charge)
  • Each guest on this tour must have a passport original (not copy) with them. It may be requested by the Kremlin security officer at the entrance.
  • Make sure to have your camera. Taking pictures is allowed on most halls of the Palace.

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