Hire a bodyguard in Russia with Pradiz to highlight your status

Have you ever feel threatened by the rapidly changing world? I bet you envied Russians with their strong security services presence and a state that truly never lets you feel even a titbit unprotected.

Now you have a chance for your own bit of Russian might protecting you. Even though Russia and other countries to which Pradiz does tours are generally safe, hiring a Russian bodyguard, whether male or female, can enhance your feeling of being protected on your journey. It will also allow you to venture even onto the most reckless adventures. All our bodyguards have been formed in the formidable Russian military and most prestigious Russian security services, including legendary FSB, MVD, MO, and other law enforcement agencies.


Security guard service

Even though Russia and former Soviet Union countries Pradiz does tours to are generally safe and don’t represent life-threatening challenges, having a group of professional bodyguards accompanying you can enhance your feeling of being in charge of circumstances. At the same time, It will also supply you with prime expertise and insight into Russian life.

You can take personal security guard for you or your family and friends on all traveling experiences by Russian Travel Agency Pradiz, including those outside Russia, or fully-customized ones.

En route and in destinations of your choice your bodyguards can not just protect you and your loved ones but also assist in taking care of you, your friends and family, your and their belongings. They can also sort out the routine tasks, like interacting with the local population, act as interpreters, assist you in dealing with Russian state representatives, or escort you to a social event, such as a formal or informal business get-together, disco-club party, banquet, or a charity fund-raising event.

Your bodyguards in Russia and the former Soviet Union were trained in the elite units of Russian security or military services, such as FSB, MVD, MO, and other master-level outfits. They know not only defensive but offensive tactics, and are conversant with both guerilla and regular warfare. They also know how to use the most sophisticated weaponry. They have acquired physical preparedness and psychological firmness needed for the most grueling tasks, and in all stages of their professional career proved expert in providing security in the most menacing situations. Many have gone through wars in Chechnya and Afghanistan, or have fought in war zones around the world.

They regularly pass all the necessary tests to not just keep themselves physically and mentally fit but also to modernize their defensive and offensive savoir-faire, and to enhance their discerning skills to identify and tackle all types of menaces.

Services you can choose from

VIP Security

For an important person, there can never be too few private security personnel. You can hire bodyguards in Russia to accompany you to important events, such as business meetings, football games, disco-parties, cultural and fundraising visits, and many more.
What can be more imposing then being surrounded by a posse of fit and elegant looking bodyguards, or riding in a motorcade of black jeeps with well-equipped men or women inside?

Event security

If willing to arrange for an important guest’s visit, an art performance, a business meeting, a political or economic get-together, or willing to throw a party with some truly strict bouncers, you can hire our security personnel to ensure the utmost safety at the event. We have provided security at some of Russia’s most important public and private events.

Female bodyguard

The female bodyguards may be the best choice for the women and girls who prefer being surrounded by women, or for men who like M. Gaddafi, or some of the Chinese business and cultural elite, Jackie Chan, for example, relish the reassuring feminine presence that highlight not just your status but also your impeccable taste.

Security driver

Have you watched the transporter? Some think it is actually inspired by Russian security drivers. Driving ninjas can whisk you to any corner of your destination with you being protected while en route and feeling in charge of the circumstances.

Armed security

Note that at your request you can be provided with armed security to ensure the utmost safety in Russia and feel a true James Bond villain. Your bodyguards are taught to deliver VIP protection and wield the most modern of weaponry so feel free to contact us for what may seem like your own commando unit on a very important mission.

Bodyguard for your family

Traveling with your family may require ensuring their safety by paying constant attention to their exact location, surroundings, and belongings. Your bodyguards will not only be able to ensure their security but also be in constant awareness as to their location, environment, and belongings. Your bodyguards can attend to your family on their visit to a meeting with friends, a museum, a sports event, or on other occasions.

Professional bodyguards

Trained and experienced VIP security services

Formed in either USSR or Russia, Russian bodyguards and security consultants working with Pradiz have undergone formation and training at the highest level, and are excellent at pre-emption and providing VIP security.

They have been part of security services or military units that have been known throughout the world for their expertise and reliability.
All of the bodyguards working with us, must pass systematic background and personality checks, match the most demanding physical and mental fitness standards; and in general, meet the requirement necessary to deliver security in the most threatening situations.

When to hire a Russian bodyguard

Whether you have had safety concerns previous to your traveling experience, or whether you are thinking about your safety while in Russia or other former Soviet Union countries, one of the best solutions is to hire bodyguards working with Pradiz. To hire a Russian bodyguard can be a perfect choice to ensure executive protection, provide celebrity bodyguards services, event security, or carrying out armed security guard tasks and many more.

Hire a Russian bodyguard to enhance the status and safety of your traveling experience in Russia:

  • To boost security at an event such as public reception, ball, party, business meeting, economic and political gatherings and many more
  • To emphasize your status on a visit to Russia
  • To deliver security to your family and friends
  • To go out into the Russian hinterland, for a hunting safari, a mountains trekking, and more Russian nature experiences
  • To enjoy en route protection and driving skills with a proficient security driver
  • To get insight into the world of Russian security services.

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