Explore the heart of Russia – the Moscow Kremlin! It is one of the most popular Moscow tours and an alternative to the Kremlin & Armoury Museum Tour.

The Moscow Kremlin is a must-visit destination for any tourist in Moscow. Within the walls of this unique 15-century fortress lies the heart and the soul of past, present and future Russia. Take a closer look at this architectural marvel on our Moscow Kremlin Tour!

Activity Details

Duration: 2 hours
Private guided tour: English, German, French, Spanish

Available: Daily, except Thursday

Tour Highlights

  • The Kremlin territory (visit)
  • Assumption Cathedral (visit)
  • Archangel Cathedral (visit)
  • Annunciation Cathedral (visit)
  • Presidential Palace (outside)
  • Grand Kremlin Palace (outside)
  • Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell
  • Ivan the Great Bell Tower (outside)
  • Secret Garden (visit)

Tour Details

The Kremlin of Moscow gives a unique opportunity to browse through the Russian past and sense the spirit of the present. The past and present are tightly intertwined here: Russian tsars and Soviet leaders ruled from it and now the presidents of Russia have taken over the task. Therefore, in coming here you discover the seat of power of the Russian Federation: a building that stands for the majestic grandeur and grand ceremony that befits the most demanding rulers. This 15th century fortress is also the largest in Europe and boasts a number of museums, cathedrals and palaces. In the past there was even a mosque.

The vast territory of the Kremlin in Moscow can thus make an indelible impression with its diversity and the good taste of its buildings! On this tour you will visit three main Royal Kremlin cathedrals: Assumption Cathedral, where Russian tsar coronation took place for almost 300 years; Archangel Cathedral, once the main necropolis of the Russian tsars, and Annunciation Cathedral, whose abbot was the royal family’s confessor up to early 20th century.

Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell speak for themselves, their immensity fills you with awe. Not less exciting is the Ivan the Great Bell Tower – the tallest building in the Moscow Kremlin grounds – and the Great Kremlin Palace (explored outside on this tour), the gem of the whole fortress where Russian tsars once resided and now the Russian president meets his most important guests.

Have fun and learn a lot on your private Kremlin Moscow tour!

Note that to visit the Great Kremlin Palace you need to book the Grand Kremlin Palace tour.