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Where to Stay in Moscow

Where to Stay in Moscow by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Last modified on 25 Sep 2019

Metropolis that it is, there is no shortage of places to stay in Moscow. However, if you are planning a trip and are looking for an affordable option, then try to book a hotel in advance. According to statistics, 80% of rooms in hotels are occupied daily, with expensive accommodation options always available.

Accommodation in Moscow Historic Area & Tverskaya Street

5 Star Hotels

Metropol HotelMetropol Hotel

To make the most of your trip to Moscow, you’d better stay where all the fun is. Centrally located 5 star accommodations like the Ritz Carlton Hotel, 4 Seasons Hotel, or the historic National and Metropol hotels are a 5-minute walk away from Kremlin and Red Square.

The 5 star hotels also include Marriott Aurora Hotel and Peter 1 Hotel that are on a 15-20 minutes’ walk through the beautiful Moscow central location, while the Tverskaya Street hotels like brand new StandArt Hotel and Intercontinental are within 20 minutes of easy walk down Tverskaya Street to Kremlin and Red Square area.


3 Star Hotels near the Kremlin Area

In Moscow, budget options abound, too. If you’re after an affordable stay you can consider the following 3-star hotels. All of them are in close vicinity to and walking distance of the Kremlin area.

Kamergersky HotelKamergersky Hotel

First on the list is Kamergersky Hotel, located in the eponymous pedestrian street of Kamergerka. The street is a part of an urban, vibrant zone with a mix of Russian, European and Asian cuisine and cafes. These include Local Academy Café, Starbucks, and the Prime Star Cafes famous for their sandwiches. 

Another great budget choice is the Hotel Matreshka. It is fairly new, boasting of classic wooden furniture and a great style overall. It is within a 10 minute walking distance from Red Square.

The recently opened Veliy Mokhovaya Hotel is yet another great place for the money. Located virtually beside the Kremlin main entrance, its only drawback is the Mokhovaya Street heavy traffic.

Pricing at Veliy hotel:

Booked a few months earlier, the standard room for 2 guests starts from 5900 Rub (that is almost 105 USD and 83 EUR) in August 2018.


Moscow Accommodation in Arbat Area

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

If you want to be in the midst of things during your Moscow stay, Arbat Street is another great place to crash. The best hotel in this pedestrian zone is probably the 4 star Mercure Arbat Hotel. It is located some odd 20 minutes footing distance from Kremlin. Another 4-star accommodation nearby that has been a top pick among tourists and domestics alike is the Vremena Goda Hotel.

Diverging from the historic Arbat Street is the Novy Arbat, planned to be a new landmark of Moscow. Happy (Paradise) Hotel is a great 4-star choice for this part of the Arbat area.


Moscow Accommodation in Izmailovo District

(close to Izmailovo Kremlin and Izmailovo Flea Market)

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

The ancestral land of Romanovs, the historic eastern Moscow district of Izmailovo hosts one of the biggest hotels on Earth. The complex of four independent buildings with more than 10.000 rooms combined, the Izmailovo Hotel was built as preparation for the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow. Of the four buildings, ‘Vega’ and ‘Delta’ are rated 4 stars, while ‘Beta’ and ‘Gamma’ are rated 3 stars.

The complex is well connected to the Red Square area through the Partizanskaya metro station. The ride takes no more than 15 minutes by Moscow metro. It is also within walking distance to the Izmailovo Kremlin and the Izmailovo Flea market. The hotel is a fantastic option for those on budget, as it offers everything that the better priced downtown hotels have at disposal. Given its commanding size, you can always count to find a free room here.


Booked in advance, a room in 4-start Delta during the high tourist season (July) starts from only 3000 Rub (50 USD or 43 EUR) for 2 guests per night in a standard double room. A breakfast is optional and comes at extra cost.


Capsule hotels in Moscow

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

If you only need the place to crash, you can consider a great selection of capsule hotels in Moscow. InterQUBE Boshaya Polyanka is among the best of these, located near Gorky Park some 3km away from the Kremlin area. To be in the midst of things culturally, you may wish to check out the Molotoff Capsule Hotel located in Tverskaya Street.