Uncover Moscow’s hidden treasures with our new Bike Tour!

What can be better than investigating the most beautiful city in the world by bike? It’s exactly what one of our new Moscow Bike Tours offers you this upcoming spring. Uncover hidden treasures and show respect to the environment using the most up to the minute form of green transport!

Activity Details

Duration: 3 hours

Tour Highlights

During one of our best Moscow bike tours, we will enjoy the city centre as it is! What can you see during the ride:

  • Peter the Great Statue;
  • Park Muzeon;
  • Fallen Monument;
  • Park Gorky;
  • Park Merry Garden;
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Leo Tolstoy Estate;
  • Old Arbat street;
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Savior St.;
  • Vladimir Statue;
  • The house on the Embankment;
  • Bolotnaya Square.

Tour Details

Photo source: gazeta-moy-rayon-donskoy.ru

Moscow bike tours are always breathtaking because there is so much to see around. Our trip will start by the glorious Peter the Great Statue – a 98 meter monument to the first Russian emperor. Riding along the Moscow river, we will cross a number of fascinating parks until we reach the Ministry of Defense.

Then we turn left – to the street of Leo Tolstoy, a great Russian writer. After admiring the old Estate of the novelist, we move on, reaching probably the most popular street in the country – the Old Arbat. Here we will meet a huge number of outdoor cafes, artists, musicians and tourists.

Leaving behind historical buildings of the old Arbat, we will then reach a truly magical sight – The Cathedral of Christ the Savior! The Golden domes are seen from afar, but we will surely have a closer look. Cycling further on to the end of the Volkhonka street, we will be able to admire another historical monument – St. Vladimir Statue. Our trip will end at the Bolotnaya Square, when we will probably feel exhausted, but fully satisfied!

There are a lot of truly interesting places in Russia, but there is much more to see in the Capital, than elsewhere! Therefore, Moscow tours are always extremely exciting!

Looking for places to visit in Moscow? You are welcome to join in and explore our capital’s hidden passageways by bicycle together with us! The best private guides in Moscow will lead you to all the main tourist attractions for sightseeing and make your visit to the heart of Russia fully satisfying.