Sitting on the northern extremities of Russia, the largest Arctic city, Murmansk, bills itself as Russia’s window on the Artic. It is famous for its happening cultural calendar, nightlife, cuisine and memorials, but the city and region’s main attraction point is the Russian Navy and its imprint on the local life.

In winter, when the darkness falls the city reinvents itself. To see how kinetic it is, leave your comfortable hotel and have a stroll amidst the magic whirl of the snow. Plunge into frenetic rhythm of the city’s night under the dancing palette of aurora borealis. Murmansk is best for taking Northern lights tours Russia is famous for.

If it is summer, take pleasure in the unique setting of summer white nights. Light is always seen here, just as the youthful charm of the city. Murmansk is also gateway to the rest of Russia’s Arctic, being a major transport hub. Whilst there, you can leave for almost any major destination in the region and explore the unique flora and fauna of the region and cultural heritage of both nomadic Sami and sedentary Pomory, Russian settlers, apart from taking just Murmansk tours.

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Murmansk Travel Tips

Accommodation in Murmansk and the Region Around

While in Murmansk, there is a wide choice of accomodation, from the most simple hostels, with their amicable and cheerful atmosphere, to more comfortable options. Some of the more upscale properties are posh boutique hotels, most often, quite recently opened; others are more grand and sizeable hotels, some operated by world-famous multinational brands. The city’s best four star hotels, such as Azimut Hotel Murmansk and Park Inn by Radisson Poliarnie Zori, are a bargain, and its three stars ones, such as Pearl of Murmansk, City Centre Light Apartments, and Apartment Northern Lights, also offer good value.

Apart from roughin it out camping, you can enjoy the nature and the splendid aurora borealis booking into special compounds, named Aurora Village, where you can live in a yurta-like glass dome for the best view of the northern lights. When in Kirovsk, a famous ski-resort in the Khibiny Mountains, some of the best pieces of accomodation are Ecco Hotel or Gornaya Dolina Mini Hotel.
In Teriberka some of the best options are Barents Mini Hotel and Severnaya Aurora.

How to Travel in Murmansk and the Region Around

Murmansk can be reached by plane, bus, car, or train. Inside the region you can travel by train, helicopter, car, plane, or bus. The easiest option to travel around the region is to take either a regular bus, train or hire a transfer to your destination via a Russian Travel Agency. By train you can travel to towns such as Olenegorsk and Apatity, among many others.

By bus you can get to Olenegorsk, near Sami Village, Apatity, Kirovsk, located near famous ski resorts and the Snow Village, and Teriberka, a well-placed site to watch northern lights. You can take a transfer by Pradiz to visit the above mentioned locations. Most of the locations are visited as part of Pradiz informative and engrossing Murmansk Northern Lights Tour.

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