THIS IS FRESH! Check out these Top Private Photography Tours in Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia

You will probably agree with this: taking a holiday tour to another country and spending half of your time thinking about getting a better shot may not sound very enjoyable. It does not sound like a goal-consistent investment either: you invest in a good time – yes, but you also invest in memories. These two goals may be (and quite often are, see abovemutually exclusive. Finally, if your regular tour photos are exactly like Thy Neighbours’ – then it’s time to change your approach to travel and consider Pradiz Private Photoshoot Tours.

Private Photography Tours is a guarantee of free hands and a clean mind fully concentrated on having an extraordinarily good time. You will have a truly laid-back and properly cared-for experience with a professional photographer delivering fine art to your future memories. Lastly, there is a good opportunity to pick places where very few other foreigners have been – or even to come up with something completely new and unique in a full meaning of this word

Read on and feel free to re-plan your initial tour vision as you go. This is going to be a totally new level of submergence into travel experience well worth trying.

Needless to say, your tour package is completely customizable with your own unique set of features below. Please book the tour as soon as possible, so that we could organize everything on the top level and make your dreams (and our promises) come true.

Private Photography Tours in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Izmailovo National Costume Session, Moscow

Get rid of your skin and feel something altogether new! And even if you do not know what Boyarynya or Strelets mean – doesn’t mean you cannot become one. Perfect for singles, couples, and families. Especially families. Another Very Important thing is that Izmailovo is a place where Russian Traditional Flavour is probably the most vibrant within the Moscow Region’s border. So just believe: if you haven’t seen Izmailovo – you haven’t tried Historic Russia.

Exclusive Moscow Photo session with Stepan the Bear

This is truly unique. Not the idea of taking a photo with a bear, but the bear himself. Stepan is filled with the love of his family and, unlike humans and most other bears, he shares this love with everyone he meets. One-in-a-lifetime chance to change your attitude towards the world and towards yourself too as hugging this huge all-heart carnivore and feeling his inner and outer warmth is life-changing. A chance to get a much better understanding of allegedly ‘hostile Russia’ and through this to maybe, just maybe – make peace with ‘the hostile world’ and some of your major fears.
Photos by
Who is Stepan? He is the bear of a rare kind. He enjoys living with people more than in wild nature. He is an actor (yes, a movie star!), a model and loved family member of Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko.  Read more about him in  Daily Mail post.

Moscow Historic Centre Stroll

This is where historic entourage is getting under your skin and stays for a long time with a fusion of serene classic forms and hectic buzz of mega-city – all in one frame on your wall. Or many frames if you please as we are sure you will love these pictures immensely. An excellent choice for romantic couples and everyone interested in classic Russian Architecture.

Moscow Roofs’ Tour

Yes, roofs. You got this right. Romance with a slight touch of extreme sports – with no sports, though; everything’s civilized here. A bit of wildish urban romance brought to your itinerary, let’s stop at that. Unknown dimension brought to your perspective, too  – in a photo jargon meaning and experience-wise as well. 

City Stroll @ Saint Pete

Pretty much the same idea as with the Moscow Historic Center Stroll: you and your nearest and dearest – and your suite: guide, photographer and, naturally, Russian Aristocracy ambiance. The only thing that differs is that Saint Petersburg is not Moscow. Less buzz, more Classic Europe. More A+-class photos that deserve a gold-gilded frame.

The St.Petersburg Palace Photo Sessions

This is the definitive Emperor experience. Your very own private photo session in world-famous palaces of majestic Saint Petersburg. The luxury of luxuries in the setting of a long-gone era. Supreme quality and literally unforgettable experience with Pictures you can proudly share with any people of any level anywhere on planet Earth.

Singer House SPB

One of the City’s symbols, a very material illustration of Changes in the Country’s history, the tall and noble House of Books.  The exquisite masterpiece of Art-Nouveau with a noticeable part of Neo-Baroque and a very inspiring story of how one person can find a potential for growth even in the most tightly regulated circumstances – if he looks for it well enough. The session includes a cup of coffee in a tres chic classic interior with an enlightening view over the Kazan Cathedral.

Mirror Courtyard, Saint Petersburg

Futurist yet soulful setting for your session, even more so – if you’re a couple: this is where many an SPB’s romantic couple has their wedding shoot. Mirrors all over the courthouse provide in-depth, unbelievable perspective and, technically, is good to go for any modern view aficionado. 

Private Photography Tours In Ukraine’s Kiev


One of the shortest central Capital streets in the world is 1225 meters of ever-vigorous and sleep-depriving classic architecture. Lots of history, both of the times past and Modern Times. Champs-Elysees are in Paris, Kreschatik is in Kiev – and both are of similar grand scale but with a very own, distinct ambience and flavor. Worth seeing, worth having a memory of.   


Very European (even a bit Amsterdam-ish), pleasantly quiet location @ downtown Kiev. Bright colors of houses for the Kiev Elite make up an ultimately vivid scenery which draws up to 50 weddings per just one very hot wed-wise season of summer. Trendy bars and restaurants per square mile ratio is another tempting factor.

Manufactura Outlet Village

This is a place where you can do three things at once: ensure a very comfortable stay at a modern 4-star hotel, enjoy a top-notch shopping at world’s and nation’s exclusive boutiques and, of course, to have a posh photo session at a location which looks like a brand new yet very old European town straight from a Discovery history documentary.

Pirogovo Folk Architecture open-air Museum

The biggest and the most famous open-air folk-museum in Ukraine provides an unforgettable setting for the traditional and historical photo shooting session. What Izmailovo is to Moscow – Pirogovo is to Kiev. An unmissable tour with lots of love for the country from the people.

Parkovy Pedestrian Bridge

One of the City’s symbols and an outstanding traveling – and good old plain human – experience. On the one hand, you’ve got a nice and decent, very picturesque walking area. On another, wilder, hand, there are things like glass floor high above over the water and bungee jump sites. DISCLAIMER: PRADIZ does not bear any liability whatsoever for the bungee jumpers, it’s all your own risk.      

Magic World @ Floor 13

A very regular project house with a really brain-blowing section made up by a Very Artistic Person. Presumably, one of the most unique and exquisite-looking settings not only in  Kiev but in a whole world when seen through a camera’s lens. Some call it Dali’s Land, some compare it to Alice’s Wonderland. One thing is for sure: it is out of this world.  

Abandoned Tank Repository

Soviet Union’s Iron Fist is all quiet with acres of land under the abandoned tanks. These or any other letters cannot express the feeling of the place. If you’re a Cold War History fan or just looking for something away from regular jolly routes – this is definitely The Place.


Private Photography Tours In Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is a great destination on its own and even if you leave all cameras at the customs you will not regret this visit. No past, no future – only Here and Now. Wonderful people and a great variety of Really Ancient sceneries make up a perfect destination. Armenia shares a deep and sincere feeling of how people lived before the Industrial Era: calm yet lively, curious yet tactful, childish yet very, very Decent. Biblical, in a way. There are Mountains; one of them is allegedly Noah’s ‘disembarkment spot’ Ararat. There are wines and brandies; allegedly at least one of those was much preferred by Sir Winston Churchill. There is one of the oldest and most widely practiced Orthodox Christian Traditions in the world, which you can see in the eyes and faces of Armenia’s People. All this – with a personal high-class photographer taking good care of your enjoying all this Life’s Beauty to the fullest.        

Summing up, with Pradiz Private Photoshoot Tour™ you can freely:

  • Visit the best traditional places for photo shooting and come up with unique locations of your choice 
  • Forget about cameras and phones and enjoy your stay like no other tour before 
  • Share and cherish state-of-art pictures by professional local photographers
  • Explore new great ideas for photo sessions with national flavor or strictly local-side sites where even locals gape and awe

Interested? Get in touch! And please do not forget to book your custom package features as early as possible so that the photo magic could actually happen and stay at the best pictures you’ve ever possessed.

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