With thought-provoking artwork and mysterious artifacts, you will be captivated by a visit to theMaster Roerich Roerich Museum in Moscow!

The Roerich Museum in Moscow is one of our favourite places and deserves a special attention, as it contains the world’s largest collection of Roerich paintings. The gem is hidden in the depths of a bustling avenue, within ancient bounds of the city.

If you have some spare time, visit the Roerich Museum and surround yourself with the masterpieces of the entire Roerich family. Nicholas Roerich is the unsurpassed Master of Mountains, while Svetoslav Roerich’s  portraits are a must-see. The spiritual Shambala will not leave you indifferent and we encourage you to unveil its secrets for yourself.

Activity Details

Duration: 1.5 hour
Available: Daily, except Monday

Tour Highlights

  • Roerich PaintingPaintings by Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich
  • Protographs, documents, letters, drawings of the Roerich family
  • Rare book editions
  • Rare bronze collections
  • Manuscript Teachings of Living Ethics by Helena Roerich
  • Gifts of Teachers, belonged to Helena Roerich
  • Crystals of rock crystals
  • Indian manuscript of the 16th century
  • Ring of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti
  • Buddhist tanks
  • Model of the Trans-Siberian expedition
  • Authentic expedition items
  • Banner of Peace, once in the open space
  • A meteorite fragment

Tour Details

The exposition presents only authentic artwork and items which belonged to the Roerich family.