Essential Lake Baikal Tour | 4 or 5 Days

Unveil the mystery of the Russian Orient on your essential Lake Baikal tour

From 1 May till 10 October

Succumb to the exquisite beauty of the Lake Baikal nature and uncover the Russian East

Combining the nomadic Buryat and sedentary Russian culture with unique architecture and marvelous nature, this four-days Lake Baikal tour offers a unique experience of the Russian Orient. It gives a chance to see the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, enjoy the hospitality of the Russian people at Listvyanka, a choice place of retreat to commune with nature, visit Irkutsk, the capital of and a hub for travels in Siberia, and finally discover Olkhon Island, a sacred Buddhist site.

This tour is a way to see the exotic East in Russia. On your trip to Lake Baikal you will experience utmost comfort meshed with expertise and enterprise of our guides and travel assistants. The Lake Baikal tour is crafted in a way allowing to extensively explore the Baikal Region managing your time in the most efficient way.

You will visit Irkutsk, often considered the capital of and the main hub for travels in Siberia, Buddhist sacred place Olkhon island Russia is well known for in the world; and Listvyanka, the up-scale resort and a choice place of retreat to commune with nature.

Tour Highlights

  • Take in the awe-inspiring vastness of one of the world’s nature marvels, famous Lake Baikal
  • Uncover the tranquility of Olkhon Island, the Buddhists of Russia’s place of pilgrimage
  • Open up the world of Siberian Russian cuisine with such musts as Ukha, and enjoy the Buryat cuisine
  • Travel to Listvyanka, the place of retreat for those who cherish calm and peace of mind
  • Visit Irkutsk, a treasure-trove of traditional Russian architecture on the shores of Baikal Lake


This fantastic Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island tour can be extended for one day. Then there will be an extensive sight-seeing tour on the day 4, with a night in one of Irkutsk best hotels. The following day is the airport transfer and your flight back home.


Day 1. Listvyanka Tour

Upon your arrival in Irkutsk you will meet your tour guide. Thereupon, you will be taken to Listvyanka, a picturesque ecologically friendly resort on the banks of Baikal. During your visit to Listvyanka you will tour Talsti Museum, providing insight into the ethnographic and architectural picture of the region, and giving a hint of the Mongol and Slavic lifestyles.

Also on the program are Baikal Museum, focusing on the flora and fauna of the unique lake and its surroundings, and the observation deck offering a stunning view of the adjacent pine forests and the often placid blue waters of the lake with its hilly surroundings.

After the visit to Listvyanka you will return to Irkutsk for dinner and a check-in to your hotel.

Note that you can choose the kind of vehicle that suits your needs best upon request.

Day 2. Olkhon Island Tour

The Day 2 is when your Olkhon island tour begins. You will drive to the bus-station where you will board a regular bus to Olkhon Island, one of Russia’s most venerated Buddhist places. The road to Olkhon takes around 6 hours. You will have lunch on your way; the cost of the meal is not priced in. Upon checking into your comfy accommodation, you will be going on a walking evening tour of the Olkhon island with a local tour guide. Also scheduled is a tour of Cape Burkhan, the pearl of the lake, whose pristine nature amazes. The dinner at the accommodation is priced in.

Day 3. Cape Khoboy Tour

On the third day of your Lake Baikal tour, you will be going to Cape Khoboy, the holy place of the indigenous Buddhist population, whose atmosphere brings to mind the quest for inner peace and thoughtfulness. Lunch and dinner are priced in. After 4 p.m. you will have free time, when you can enjoy swimming in the lake. Going back to your hotel is next. Upon arrival you can have a walk along the scenic lakeside paths.

Day 4. Irkutsk

You will be returning to Irkutsk on a regular bus on your own. Upon arriving in the city, your tour guide will meet you. You will take Irkutsk city tour if the time allows before your flight. Otherwise it is best to head straight to the airport on the vehicle provided specially for you.

Note that the tour can be extended for one day. Then there will be an extensive sight-seeing tour on the day 4, with a night in one of the city’s best hotels. The following day is the airport transfer and your flight back home.

Entrust the preparation of this lifetime experience to the travel professionals.

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