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Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter

Uncover the enigmatic Russia on your Northern Lights Tour, one of the most in-demand Russian tour packages by Pradiz.

Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia

This signature 4-day Northern Lights tour takes you around the country’s northernmost extremities, the Kola Peninsula, where clear skies allow you to see the dancing colors of aurora borealis.

Succumb to the beauty of the pristine northern scenery. Travelling to the Russian North in winter gives you a chance to immerse into Russian winter magic with its nights lit by the aurora borealis and warmed by the tender glow of the Russian soul. This land is inhabited by unique people, both settlers and the indigenous, and is famed for its natural wonders.


Read a fresh review on TripAdvisor of our Northern Lighs Tour by our guest Raghu from India.

Raghu travelled with us in late December 2019 with his family and friends:

Northern Lighs Tour


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Tour Highlights

  • Watch the dancing colors of the Northern Lights
  • Relish the authentic Russian and Arctic cuisine
  • See the world’s first nuclear-powered surface ship Lenin on one of the most informative Murmansk tours on the market
  • Immerse into the unique surroundings of Tundra and meet the indigenous people, the Sami
  • Experience the reindeer sleigh rides, feeding and taking photos with huskies, Arctic foxes, and more


Day 1 - Murmansk City Tour

Uncover the engrossing history of the Murmansk region on the Murmansk tour. Murmansk is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle and its destiny is tightly intertwined with sea. It is Russia’s fourth commercial port. The region’s enviable geographic location even made it a landing point for the joint Allied intervention in Russia at a time of the Russian civil. It also gave it a crucial role in Cold War. One of Russia’s major naval bases, Severomorsk, is located close to Murmansk.

This Murmansk Tour includes visits to the Memorial to Submariners, the Church of the Savior on the Waters, Kursk submarine memorial, a memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic, and the monument “Waiting”.

In the afternoon you will be taking the tour of the nuclear icebreaker Lenin, the world’s first nuclear-powered surface ship, which was later converted into a museum. In the evening enjoy northern lights viewing on what is one of the best northern lights tours Russia has to offer.

Note that you can arrive in Murmansk on the day when this 4-day package tour starts or the day prior to that date. If opting for an early arrival keep in mind that accommodation costs for the extra night are not priced in, and will need to be paid.

Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Day 2 - Teriberka Tour

After leaving Murmansk you will see miles of snow-covered Tundra and famous rock formations. Then, you will arrive in Teriberka, a seaside Pomeranian village dating back to the early 16th century.

Discover the unique culture of the Pomory, hunters and sea-farers inhabiting these lands, and enjoy the unique hospitality of this tough but warm-hearted people. You will also see a former military airfield, the first weather station in the Kola North, and much more.

To get warm you will be having a picnic with hot tea and sandwiches in the local way: that is on the shore of the Arctic Ocean and with a piece of Teriberka cake. At night, you can chase the northern lights.

Teriberka Northern Lights Tour
Teriberka Northern Lights Tour
Day 3 - Sami village visit and Kirovsk tour

You will be making a tour of a Sami village Murmansk to be told about the life of the Sami, the nomadic aborigines of the Kola Peninsula who herd reindeers and engage in fishing and hunting of sea mammals.

You will be photographed in national dresses, play Sami outdoor games, experience reindeer sleigh rides, feed and take photos with huskies, Arctic foxes, and other Northern animals.  Savor lunch a-la-Kola: ukha, Lovozero bread, tea, and roast venison included for a truly Arctic experience.

After lunch you will be visiting the Observation Deck Olenegorsk, to see open pit iron-ore mine. Next is scheduled a tour of Kirovsk, located at the spurs of the Khibiny Mountains, with a visit to the Museum of Mineralogy. Aurora borealis hunting and a warm hotel will follow.

Sami village Murmansk
Sami village Murmansk
Day 4 - Visit to Snow Village Murmansk

After checking out of the hotel in Kirovsk, you will be taken on two excursions which are the veritable gems of our Northern Lights package. One is to Snow Village, a unique cluster of ice and snow sculptures and constructions, and the other one is to Winter Fairy Tale Ice-Sculptures. After that you will be heading for the Murmansk airport to have a flight home.

Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Package Tour Murmansk Northern Lights Tour in Winter by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Price Details

Private tour | 3* hotel accommodation included:

  • from 740 USD per person / 4 people in party / double occupancy
  • from 890 USD per person / 2 people in party / double occupancy