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Russian Far North Spring Autumn Tour

Unveil the beauty of Spring and Autumn on your Russian Far North Spring-Autumn tour by Pradiz

northern lights
Discover the Russian Far North one of the most popular Russian tour packages by Pradiz

Enjoy the Russian Arctic fringes and succumb to the beauty of the northern lights in Russian Far North autumn-spring tour by Pradiz. The land famed for is breath-taking northern lights is also one of the best places to see Russian North and tundra. Here the culture of the reindeer-herding nomads Saami marries that of the Russian settlers, renowned craftsmen and sea-farers.

It is also the land with unique nature, boasting one-of-its kind arctic flora and fauna, and a perfect place to hide from the bustle of the big cities.

Note that you can visit the region on Russian Northern Magic Tour, to see the Northern Lights in winter.

  • Watch the beauty of the polar nights and chase the aurora borealis
  • Taste the exquisite food of the Arctic region
  • See the world’s earliest surface ship powered by nuclear marine propulsion, Lenin on Russia’s most engrossing Murmansk tours on offer
  • Immerse into the unbounded vastness of Tundra 
  • Encounter the indigenous people, the Sami
  • Experience extreme sports (optionally) 
  • Enjoy feeding and taking photos with huskies and Arctic foxes


DAY 1 - Murmansk Tour

First on the program is Murmansk, the world’s largest city beyond the Arctic circle, one of Russia’s most important commercial ports, and a place deeply impregnated with the romance of the Russian Navy.

Its history centers around that of the Russian navy with some of its chapters telling the stories of crucial political strives, foreign interventions, and geopolitical rivalry.

Our Murmansk tour has been crafted specially for you to be able to appreciate the sheer immensity of the role the navy has played in the history of the city, and give insight into the significance of the region in the development of the contemporary Russia .

On your Murmansk tour you will visit  the memorial and gold-domed church commemorating the submariners who died in peacetime, a memorial dedicated to the submariners killed when Kursk Submariner sank, and a statue devoted the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic, along with the statue of a waiting woman symbolizing the patience of the significant others of those at sea.

In the afternoon you will be guided around the world’s first nuclear surface ship, Lenin, the pride of the Soviet Navy, subsequently transformed into a museum. In the evening you will enjoy the miracle of the North, the stunning polar nights; and if the dark is clear see the dancing lights of aurora borealis.

Package Tour Russian Far North Spring Autumn Tour by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Package Tour Russian Far North Spring Autumn Tour by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
The ship
DAY 2 - Teriberka Tour

On the Day 2 you will head to Teriberka, a waterfront 16th century Pomory village. On your way you will be able to see the swathes of primeval Tundra and its famous rock formations.

Upon arrival in Teriberka, discover the largely unknown civilization of the Pomory, hunters and sea-farers that have lived in the Russian North for ages. Take pleasure in the hospitality of this warm-hearted people whose freedom-loving and adventurous temperament has been formed in this land bounded by nothing but clear horizon, where civilization meets wilderness.

Among the sites to be seen are what once was a functioning Russian army airfield, the weather station first for the Kola North, and much more.

To get warm you will have a lunch a-la Pomor: that is on the shore of the Arctic Ocean and with fresh sandwiches and a piece of Teriberka cake, washed down with hot tea. Later in the day, you can marvel at the beauty of the polar nights and chase the aurora borealis. The surrounding rare flora and fauna will leave its mark on every visitor.

The polar nights
The Russian North
Russian north
Russian nature
DAY 3 - Sami village visit

You will be touring a Sami village to uncover the way the Sami live. They are the nomadic indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula who engage in reindeer-herding, fishing and hunting of sea mammals for living.

You can have photos of you in national dresses taken by expert photographers, play Sami outdoor games, feed and be photographed with huskies, Arctic foxes, and other animals of the North. Try out Kola-style lunch: ukha, Lovozero bread, tea, and roast venison to have an authentic Arctic meal.

After lunch you will be visiting the Observation Deck Olenegorsk, to have a look at open pit iron-ore mine, a testimony to the Russian mettle that allowed the courageous prospectors to explore and develop the region.

What follows is a tour of Kirovsk, located at the foot of the Khibiny Mountains, with a visit to the Museum of Mineralogy. Polar nights gazing, with a possibility to see aurora borealis and a warm hotel will ensue.

Sami village
Houses of the North
People of the Kola Peninsula
North interior
northen lights
DAY 4 - Tour in Khibiny Mountains

After moving out of the hotel in Kirovsk, you will have more time to travel around the unique Khibiny Mountains region. Enjoy the scenic foothills of the Khibiny, the mountains themselves, the region’s breath-taking waterfalls, and its soviet architecture. 

After that you will be driving to the Murmansk airport for your home flight or not?.. You may optionally continue your Russia travel with Moscow St. Petersburg tours.

Khibiny Mountains
Khibiny Mountains
Breath-taking waterfalls
Khibiny mountains