Travel to Russia to visit Sochi, the tourist magnet of the Russian Riviera and the capital of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, set against scenic mountain landscape submerged in lush greenery, and lapped by the gentle tide of the Black Sea. If to some Russia is cold and grim, Sochi is in fact a place that shatters this misconception. At the foothills, it is a glamorous tropical destination, providing sun-bathing, swimming and nightlife experiences in summer, mild pleasant climate and exquisite ambiance throughout the year, while in the mountains it is one of Europe’s most chic ski resorts, offering unique skiing and snowboarding experiences late December up till late March.

See the unique 2014 Olimpics sports facilities, do winter and water sports, boost your adrenaline level by bungee-jumping and zip-lining at one of the world’s best extreme sport clusters Ski Park, or pay a visit to an archeological site providing an insight into the rich past of the region at the intersection of the Orient and Occident. Pradiz will make your Sotchi experience truly amazing and will make your Russia travel as easy and relaxed as it can be, for you to just enjoy the tranquil opulence of the Russian Cote Sud.

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Tourist Information to go to Sochi

Travel to Sochi to give in to the magic of the Russian Riviera. For you to truly take delight in your time in Sochi, we have crafted a small guide to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and most interesting Sochi facts.

Sochi is not just arguably best Russian sea resort, or one of Europe best skiing destinations, it is also the picturesque parks balmy with the fragrance of whispering acacias and magnolia, and the romance of the palm-fringed interweaving streets caressed by the tender sea breeze. If by day Sochi is a kinetic mix of business and active leisure, by night it is a tribute to repose and jovialties of all kinds. Feel the truly Russian joie de vivre, made up of the mesmeric mix of the Oriental cuisine and hospitality, and the adulation of the exotic and sensual pleasures so characteristic of the Occident.

To experience Sochi to the utmost, that is to make the most out of its skiing, swimming, winter and water sports experiences, and to see the often overlooked natural, architectural and historical heritage of the region follow our tips to visit Sochi, a piece of Russian tourist information that will make your journey unforgettable.

Accommodation in Sochi

To travel to Sochi and have fun you will need to find a cosy place to put up. And lucky you are, there is plenty of choice.

Sochi has acquired the prestigious title of being the summer capital of Russia, with future aspirations to become a world-scale destination, so the accommodation is plentiful and it can meet the demands of both the most demanding of jet-setters and the well-seasoned back-packing community.

The best cheap lodgings include the following: Hostel Cheshire Cat, Sunny Sochi Hostel, Kummer Guest House, New Hostel Sochi, Hostel na Navaginskaya,

The middle range ones which can still be truly affordable, especially off-season are the following: Khosta Hotel, Ecodom Alisa, Guest House for Rooms, Atria Hotel, Guest House na Rakhmaninova, Villa Polianna, Sonata Hotel, Marianna Hotel,

Good value accommodation with a good deal of opulence is the following: Avangard Health Resort, Brevis Apartments, Zhemchuzhina Hotel Complex, Park Inn Radisson, Zvyozdniy Wellness and Spa, Mercure Sochi Centre

Even the most blasé of travellers will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of Sochi luxe accommodation. Crème de la Crème of Sochi hotels are the following: Pullman Sochi Center, Hyat Regency, Penthouse with a swimming pool SKY, Camelia Apartments, Ideal House Black Sea,

How to get to Sochi

Sochi was provided with a brand new international-standard airport in the run-up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. So you can fly to it from both inside Russia and abroad, including Dubai, Istanbul and Riga. Also possible to get to Sochi by bus: good way to travel around Sochi and in the Kuban region, or by train, including trains to Batumi and Moscow, some of them are of the utmost modernity due to the recent Olympics.

Travel to Russia to unveil the nonpareil glamour of the Russian Southern Coast

Nightlife in Sochi

Russians and Caucasians alike adore evening and especially evening at the seaside. Sochi has always been known as a choice destination for fun-loving Russians and it was here that many a famous artist of Russian show business started out. Even now, the seaside city is regarded as an incubator for the Russian performing talent. The locale has acquired a certain gloss, before associated with Moscow and its glamorous, but often verging on meretricious, nightlife. Head to Sochi to see the latest trends in Russian night adventure.

Sochi has a lot of nightlife, best of them all are bars near water such as Black Sea Beach Club, Vinograd, Harat Bar, and waterfront cafes and restaurants, such as Delmar which work well into the night.

The best nighclub is believed to be Mandarin Club, with beach parties all along the coast making strong rivals. Other places include Treugolnik, for Russian dance music fans, one of the largest dancing venues of the Black Sea Coast, and smaller joints such as FeRoom, Oscar, Los Palmas.

Best food in Sochi

Reveling and indulging in food is the Caucasians’ favorite pastime, and since Sochi is often believed to be the jewel of the Caucasus, and its gateway to the world, eating Caucasian is the must here. Cheap Caucasian eats in Sochi include Café Lecho, and many other small homely diners.

More upscale are time-tested Starii Bazaar, with delicious khachapuri, Georgian Hmeli & Suneli, with somewhat Westernized interior, Genatsvale, with truly Georgian feel to it and mouth-watering food, Rustaveli, less Georgian in interior and atmosphere then Genatsvale, and partly Caucasian Baran Rapan, where you can find a significant international presence on the menu.

Cheap 100% Halal eats in Sochi include Arabic Halal House, Middle Eastern Lebanon House among others. Also not to be omitted, not just because of halal, are the Uzbekistani food establishments. Visit halal Vostochnii Kvartal, one of the best places to dine in Sochi, with delectable Caucasian, but truly ambrosial Central Asian cuisine, or its cheaper Central Asian and halal counterpart Café Uzgen.

If in search of international cuisine and luxury head to Red Fox, CORKs or well-known Ginza Project brand restaurant, Bao at Swiss Hotel. Even the most jaded of palates will be impressed. Otherwise, there is a great many fusion, international, and seafood restaurants, to list which be a truly difficult for the drink-and-eat businesses tend to proliferate at a mind-boggling speed.

Sochi attractions

Sochi is known for its seductive nightlife, sun-lit beaches, glittering waters of Black Sea, and even zippy ski pistes located not far away in the mountains, but what is often underestimated is the architectural and historical value of the top Russian beach destination.

Inhabited for centuries by tribes from both Asia and Europe, the region harbors many an archeological landmarks, witnessing to the historical presence of Greek, Turkish, Georgian, Genoa people, apart from that of the indigenous tribes, the ancestors of Adighi, Abkhaz and other ethnicities native to the Caucasus. The most prominent archeological sites include a Greek Orthodox Basilica still standing in Loo Microdistrict, dolmens, the most famous of which is the Solokhaul, and a number of beautiful caves in the rock face.

Apart from that the thing not to be missed in Sochi is the many new buildings, roads, urban areas built for the occasion of 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi, and a unique sports facilities cluster scattered around the city, a homage to the many generations of Russian sportsmen and their achievements.

To uncover the sublime natural beauty of Sochi visit Mount Akhun, a majestic elevation lending a perfect view of the surroundings, Krasnaya Polyana, a modern luxurious ski resort with top-notch infrastructure and an ever-growing crowd of jet-setters, the city of Adler, a prosperous seaside resort nearby,  Sochi National Park, a nature reserve drawing nature buffs, Caucasian State Nature Reserve, a place to enjoy the communion with nature, stunning Ivanovski Waterfall, and Sky Park, a super modern extreme sports facilities cluster, a magnet for those who enjoy the adrenaline level-surges; it is fitted out with ulta-modern zipline and bungee jumping by famous bungee operator AJ Hacket..

When to visit Sochi

You can visit Sochi year round, Sochi features three seasons with a long summer. From June to October the temperature is warm and the sun remains for a long time thanks to its latitude making the air even hotter. It is believed that the best time to visit Sochi is from April 23rd to July 15th and from August 27th to November 4th. But due to climate change the weather patterns become unpredictable, and in all circumstances head to Sochi for a bit of fun even in winter, when you can even sometimes enjoy the palms under snow, a spectacle for a truly refined taste.

If you are a ski fan head to Sochi in later December-late May. Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, also known as new Courchevel, offers a variety of skiing pistes and a truly luxurious and naturally beautiful setting. Otherwise even in summer the mountains give you a truly Alpine feel to escape the heat of the plains.

Is it safe to visit Sochi?

Visiting Sochi is safe throughout the year. Just like in Moscow you should not be too much concerned about your possessions, even if left unwatched, or about walking in the streets at night. People can wear explicit clothing and behave in public in a very open-minded way, but note that homophobia and other LGBT phobias can be rampant. Note that driving can also sometimes be erratic. Drink bottled water, for the Russian South is known for water poisonings.

Also note that on the beach and even on the sea bottom there can be sharp or unsterilized objects. If going to the mountains, take a first-aid kit, and note that there can be dangerous insects such as ticks when it is hot.  To get the best travelling advice contact Pradiz, and outsource your travelling concerns and logistics to a team of professionals, 24/7 happy to supply you with expert advice and efficient English-language assistance.

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