Carry on to the Soviet sights on this “must-take” tour with a private guide in Moscow!

The soviet period was one of the most controversial in Russian history. The times of great accomplishments and massive tragedies, peoples struggle and overcoming, culture and science. It is no wonder that this tremendous era has shaped the face of Moscow forever.

So what can you see in the capital that could give you the idea about how communism came to glory? To find out join us on this exclusive tour of Soviet Moscow, which will allow you to go through the milestones of the city and the epoch.

Important Information

If you plan to visit Lenin Mausoleum and the Kremlin Wall Necropolis please READ BELOW, as they have limited opening working hours and are open on certain days:

  • Please avoid booking this tour for Monday or Friday
  • Please also make sure to choose the start time between 9 am and 11 am (as these points of interest close at 1 pm).
  • These sights may not be available for visits on some other dates at no prior notification; if this is the case on the day of your tour, our guide will focus on other points of interest of the Soviet era which there are many in the historic area of Moscow.

If visiting Lenin Mausoleum and Kremlin Wall Necropolis is not your top priority on this tour, book for any date of the week / start time available.

Tour Highlights

  • Tverskaya street (visit)
  • Moscow City Hall (outside)
  • National Hotel (outside)
  • Moscow Hotel (outside)
  • Red Square (visit)
  • The Mausoleum (visit)
  • Kremlin Wall Necropolis (visit)
  • Monument to Karl Marx
  • Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station (visit)
  • Metropol Hotel (outside)
  • Bolshoi theatre (outside)
  • The State Duma (outside)
  • Lubyanka Square (visit)
  • Former KGB headquarters and Solovetsky stone (outside)

Tour Details

This sightseeing tour will start from monument to the founder of Moscow, Juri Dolgorukyi. We will walk along the major route to downtown tourist attractions, the Tverskaya street. The street was widened in the late 1930s, which included moving some of the existing buildings.

One of such buildings on our way will be Moscow City Hall, the mayor’s residence, mainly known for the contrasting original design and the passionate balcony speech of Vladimir Lenin addressing communist servicemen departing to front lines.

As we approach the Red Square we will be passing the two hotels often missed on most Moscow tours. The old National Hotel where Vladimir Lenin stayed before moving to Kremlin and former Moscow Hotel, the demolished and rebuilt constructivism monument of Soviet architecture.

We will then continue to the Red Square to visit the last resort of the Russian Revolution leader and other notorious soviet dignitaries, the Mausoleum and the Kremlin Wall Necropolis. The stop at this creepy, yet designated landmark will give the idea about eagerness to preserve the honors of liberators of working class in the Soviet Moscow.

The tour will proceed northwest to the Revolution square with monument to Karl Marx, the inspirer of socialistic theories adopted by young Soviet Union. When we reach the square, we enter the Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station to enjoy the beautiful interior and social realism statues of one of the most beautiful metro stations ever. Moscow metro is one of the most interesting places in Russia.

As we advance across the Revolution Square we will be passing the hearth of resistance to young Soviet state, the Metropol Hotel. We than continue to one of the most popular places to visit in Moscow, the Bolshoi theatre. Here you will discover the incredible role of world-famous theater in establishment of the young Soviet State.

While there we will also get to see the center of the Soviet states’ economy, the Gosplan building, which now hosts the State Duma.

The tour will reach finale as we walk towards the end of Nikolskaya street on Lubyanka Square, the former KGB headquarters (Lubyanka) and Solovetsky stone, the memorial to victims of political repressions in the Soviet Union.


  1. Metro tour. Enjoy Moscow’s’ underground palaces.
  2. Soviet Moscow Tour by private transport. Extend your tour to see Stalin’s skyscrapers, House on the Embankment, Gorgy Park and Museon Park (the Park of Fallen Idols) or VDNH in the comfort of the car. The whole tour will last 8 hours.
  3. Tour of Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (except Mondays). The museum offers the most truthful display of toughest times in modern history of Russia. Unique items from late 19th century till establishment of Russian Federation witness happenings which had the most impact on world’s history.