Free Russian Visa Support

Last modified on 16 Jul 2017

If you’re visiting Russia for travel purposes and a EU or North American passport holder, or a resident of a country that is outside of the list of countries of visa-free entries to Russia, you will need to apply for a Tourist Visa.

If you intend to do so via your local Russian embassy or consulate, a formal visa invitation is required to support your application. Such an invitation can be provided by an authorized organisation with valid Reference Number (our reference number is MVT 017660).


Pradiz is fully authorized to provide Visa support and glad to offer it free of charge for our guests!

With our Visa Invitation you can apply for a Russian Tourist Visa for a maximum period of stay of 30 days.


Terms of Service

  • The Service is free of charge upon booking one or more of our tours online.
  • A formal invitation with our Reference Number and your Confirmation Number will be emailed your way within 48 hours upon receipt of your travel details.
  • The free service is offered for a party of 4 persons max.
  • Tourist visa invitation is valid for those planning to stay at a hotel/hostel while in Russia (not at a private address/friend)
  • In case of cancellation of tour(s) booked, 25 USD per invitation will be withheld to cover processing fees and taxes.


What if there are more than 4 persons in my party?

  • Should there be 5 or more people in party, we will offer free service for 4 persons and charge 25 USD for each extra person.


What is the maximum duration of a visit to Russia under the Tourist Visa?

  • The Russian Tourist Visa allows entry to Russia for a period up to 30 days.


What if the Visa invitation original is required?

  • In case your local Russian embassy or consulate requests an Invitation original (not a copy), we will be happy to send it with a courier. Extra fee applies.


How to request the Service?

  • Upon booking any of our tour(s) please send us a visa support request at and we will come back to you shortly.