WWII Military Tour

Visit the battlefields that shaped the history of 20th century and discover peaceful and beautiful countries that the mettle of Soviet soldiers helped to preserve.

This WWII tour is designed by and for passionate history enthusiasts and provides deep insight into one of the most engrossing and edifying stories of the past century.

  • Immerse into Russia’s tragic history in Volgograd, the site of famous Stalingrad battle, whose outward appearance was destroyed by war but spirit remained unbroken.
  • Surrender your heart to Moscow, whose beauty enthralls and and in whose honor soldiers spilled their blood in trenches.
  • Explore Belarus, a country whose sons were martyred and architecture razed by the war. In exploring this unique country, you will be greeted by monumentality of its mostly Soviet-built Minsk and Brest and will uncover the glorious history of its partisan movement.

Please read a more detailed description of this WWII military tour in our blog.

Optional tours and WWII tour extensions are also available.


Day 1

The first day of your Russian military tour features a brief stopover in Moscow and arrival in Volgograd. There you will meet your tour guide and will be able to have some rest once checked in.

Day 2

At 8 in the morning your tour guide is taking you for Stalingrad day tour - which starts with a visit to Mamaev Kurgan - a WWII war memorial possessing the world tallest statue of a woman, The Motherland.

The next stop is Pavlov’s House and Mill Gerhard Factory, mere shells of once grand buildings that nevertheless managed to survive.

After lunch break you will be visiting Battlefield Panorama Museum to see Soviet military hardware. Outside exhibits include Katyushas and Soviet aircraft. In the evening there is a 1 h 20 min flight to Moscow. A cozy hotel and all the temptations of the capital will be waiting for you there.

Day 3

The city tour begins at 10 a.m. After a while spent sight-seeing, you will arrive at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, a memorial evoking the millions who died a hero’s death during WW2.

Then comes a visit to the Victory Museum, a repository of WW2 stories. It is surrounded by picturesque Victory Park.

At about 7 p.m. you will have arrived in your hotel. If you still have itchy feet, choose one of the add-ons: Moscow by Night, Russian Ballet or National Dance Show (for the full list of add-ons follow the link:). Another night in Moscow.

Day 4

A new day of touring starts at 9 a.m. You will be driving to Kubinka Tank Museum, which boasts the world largest collection of Soviet tanks, German armored vehicles, and even the Japanese Great Pacific war tanks. Enjoy the food of a real field kitchen for lunch before returning to Moscow city center at about 3.30 p.m.

For the rest of the day no events are planned, but you can book one of our Moscow tours, such as Moscow Metro Tour or our unique selection of bunker tours.


 that as a Russian Travel Agency, we can offer the extension of the Russian-part of the tour by 1 day. The extra-day includes a visit to one of the worlds largest aircraft museums with over 200 exhibits of the WW1 and post-war period - Central Air force Museum in Monino. Also available are other tour packages by Russian Travel Agency Pradiz, Moscow and St. Petersburg tours.

Day 5

At about 9.00 a.m. is a hotel check out. By 1 p.m., you and your guide will have flown to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. There, you will be going on Minsk city tour, having lunch, and boarding a 3-hour train to Brest, the next stop of your journey.

By 11.30 p.m., you will have booked into your hotel in Brest.

Day 6

Upon check-out, another day of touring begins. You will be heading to Brest Fortress tour, a site under Unesco protection made legendary by a bunch of Soviet soldiers who heroically defended the plot of land against Nazi attacks. After the tour of Brest fortress, you will be going back to Minsk on an afternoon train, and checking into a hotel there.

Day 7

Enjoy breakfast at a hotel and head to the airport. 

Consider prolonging the Belarussian part of the tour by another day to go to Khatyn, a place of massacre by German troops. It shared the fate of many soviet villages and its memorial complex commemorates them all. You can also extend it further than that by opting for other war-themed travels, such as on-request Russian military tours of Stalin Bunker in Samara, Yalta, the site of Crimea Conference of 1945, or Balaklava, also in Crimea, where the Secret Soviet Submarine Base turned into a museum is located. Also, don’t forget that Russian Travel Agency Pradiz Tours offers a wide range of more “peaceful” travel packages covering most of Russia.