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3 day holiday in Belarus


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Let out the magic, visit Belarus

Belarus is one of the hidden gems of Europe. Endowed with large swathes of primeval forests, unique blend of Western and Eastern heritages, and unforgettable flora and fauna, along with scrumptious food and rich culture, it is one of Europe choice destinations.

On your 3 day Belarus holidays, you will be able to see the bustling Minsk, with its all-pervasive somewhat futuristic architecture and youthful vibe; visit unspoiled and eco-friendly Dududtki, and have a private tour of Mir Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, drawing the lovers of Eastern Europe Gothic style.

Uncover the beauty of discovery on your 3 days Belarus tours. Even though Belarus may be described as well-maintained, safe, and exuding tradition, these are not the words that come to mind when you think of this country. Lush, inspiring, enthralling and sometimes shocking with unexpected contrasts, these are epithets for Belarus. Old castles set against prime examples of Soviet architecture, battlefields where the 20th century most dramatic events unfolded strewn with remainders of puny Orthodox churches, and mighty rivers flowing past into discrete creeks, to name just a few things are striking about her.

Uncover the unrivaled architectural mélange and pleasurable ambiance of Minsk, the ecological diversity of Dudutki, and stunning Mir Castle.


  • Take Minsk tour by night(optional)
  • Go on Minsk city center walking tour
  • Take a tour to Dududtki ecological paradise
  • Visit Mir Castle
  • Enjoy expert guiding, 24/7 traveling assistance in English and other major languages
  • Experience utmost luxury during your transfers with Pradiz

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Day 1 - The Mojo of Minsk

Day 1 - The Mojo of Minsk

The ancient city of Minsk has changed a lot over the past centuries. Its appearance was drastically altered as shelling gutted and razed from the ground some of its most beautiful pieces of architecture. The new visage of the town shows the effort and stamina of Soviet people in rebuilding the country after WW2, and exemplifies Soviet architecture. Newer buildings, co-exist with slender and graceful Orthodox churches and their Catholic counterparts.

Upon arrival in Minsk, you will be driven to your hotel. Then, there follows a 3 hour walking tour of the city center. Once the tour is over, head to one of the city’s mouth-watering dining establishments, and celebrate the evening in the truly Belarus way: with draniki and kvass.

Day 2 - Dududki, the Virgin Nature of Belarus

Day 2 - Dududki, the Virgin Nature of Belarus

In the morning you will be heading to Dududki, an ecological retreat provided with BBQ areas, examples of traditional Belarus architecture, horse riding and insight into the traditions of Belarus. On your tour, you will be able to contemplate Belarus primary forests, rich with diverse flora and fauna, and other examples of the abundant and well preserved primeval nature of that country.

Day 3 - The Gothic Miracle of Eastern Europe

Day 3 - The Gothic Miracle of Eastern Europe

Visit the jewel of East European Gothic architecture during your Belarus travel. Take a private tour of the castle to look at one of Europe’s most unusual castle structures, and hear yarns of yore which will shed light upon the engrossing past of the construction.
The edifice is located in the unspoiled piece of Belarus known for the hospitality of its people, the intricateness of its craft and the truly ambrosial taste to its food.


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Time machine to Soviet era

The town of Minsk - a live monument to past-WW2 Stalin architecture impressed us a lot, while rural Belarus boasts with picturesque landscapes and true hospitality of its' people.
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    3 day holiday in Belarus

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