Moscow Metro Tour

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    Moscow Metro Tour

    Moscow, Russia

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    Explore the Moscow Metro, a fascinating monument of the Soviet Era!

    Metro – the word hardly ringing with affectionate beauty. Yet the Moscow Metro, with its state of the art stations is an undisputed work of sublimity. Built to impress, the stations entwine the most beautiful subway system in the world!

    And impress it does! On top of being a representative of the Soviet Union in its sheer immensity, the Moscow Metro is an exquisite, delicate piece of art. Its monumental stations, each employing a different architectural style, will stay with you for the rest of your life!


    • Moscow Metro (guided visit)
    • Arbatskaya Station (Blue Line)
    • Kievskaya Station (Circle Line)
    • Novoslobodskaya Station
    • Ploshchad' Revolyutsii Station (Revolutionary Square)
    • Kievskaya Station (Blue Line)
    • Belorusskaya Station (Circle)
    • Komsomolskaya Station (Circle)

    Tour Details

    From the futuristic Mayakovskaya to the white-marbled Kiyevskaya, each station has a story to tell, a story that our guides will happily share with you. The Metro’s history reflects the ambition and immensity of the new-founded Soviet Union. The Soviet leaders cared little for the expense, and ordered the use of thousands of tons of best building and decorating materials, mostly scavenged from the Russian nobility mansions and Orthodox churches made obsolete following the Bolshevik revolution.

    The Metro is thus the end result of the Soviet ambition, remarkable workmanship of the common worker, and the artistic genius of the state’s most gifted minds. Walking through Moscow metro is like visiting a public museum.

    On this private tour of Moscow Metro, you will be accompanied by one of the best private tour guides in the city, who will provide you with the unforgettable dive into the bygone Soviet era. Join our Moscow Metro Tour and learn the fascinating stories behind the stunning stations, while your camera captures the past and present in all their intricacies.



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