Russian Countryside Tour with a traditional Russian steam-bath experience

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    Russian Countryside Tour with a traditional Russian steam-bath experience

    Sergiev Posad, Russia

    36 hours

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    Sense the exquisite leisure a-la-russe in the Russian countryside and rest your body and spirit in Russian bathhouse.

    The Russian Countryside tour is a one and a half day guided outing which begins and ends in Moscow. The tour combines a visit to one of Russia’s spiritual center Sergiev Posad, with its Lavra, a monastery of unparalleled religious significance; a picturesque and comfy train-ride across the Russian countryside and Moscow Golden Ring (or a car journey as an alternative). Also on the menu is a visit to Russian Banya Moscow and its surroundings are famous for, with an optional tour of the town Abramtsevo, a quintessence of old Russia, set amidst luxuriant Russian forests, mind-soothing vast fields, and streams and rivers flowing placidly past.

    In the countryside you can enjoy the calm and peace of an area known as the heart of Old Russia. It is studded with thick virgin forests, venerated churches with slender elegant belfries, and fields matching in their scale the most daring expectations.

    In the steam house, Russian Banya Moscow and its surroundings’s biggest must, you can enjoy the calm and peace in a setting of steam-filled comfy chamber. The relaxation procedures include besom-massage and therapy, taking a deep in an outside pool, especially popular in winter, fragrant steam sessions and assistance of an expert steam-master. All this set of experiences takes place among the newly built cluster of restaurant, hotels, and establishments such as billiard and Russian tea lounges.


    • Town of Sergiev Posad (introductury tour)
    • Assumption Cathedral (visit)
    • Church of the Holy Spirit (visit, if open)
    • Optional besom massage and therapy, and other relaxation procedures(to be booked in advance)
    • Optional visits to Russian tea lounge and restaurants in the precincts
    • Optional visit to Abramtsevo, a perfect place to sense the rural Russia
    • Exhibitions and historical sites, as part of Abramtsevo tour (optionally)
    • Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius Grounds (visit)
    • Trinity Church (visit)
    • 2 hour steaming session (optional)
    • Optional fragrant steam session
    • The bath-court’s 3 or 4 star hotels (accommodation is not priced in)
    • The Vorya river, as part of Abramtsevo tour (optionally)

    Tour Details

    Enjoy the perfect tranquility of the Russian countryside. On your tour, starting at pick up point at your hotel specified by you, you will visit Sergiev Posad, one of the pearls of the Golden Ring of Moscow and will have a chance to visit other Golden Ring Russia sites such as Abramtsevo. The exquisite melancholic beauty of the landscape is only matched by sensual pleasures of the Russian banya Moscow is famed for, a visit to which is part of Russian countryside tour.

    In the steam house you will unveil the refined mystery of the Russian soirees. You can experience the relaxed and pleasant heat of the steaming chamber and immerse into an outdoor pool right after the steam-session, a truly Russian experience, especially prized and invigorating in the Northern winter.

    While bathing you can opt for the nonpareil Russian health-giving besom-massage and therapy or for a fragrant-steam session. Also in the precincts are a billiard room, a Russian tea lounge, luxurious hotel and restaurant, and many more, providing you with divertissements matching the standards of the most finicky of customers.

    You can go to and from the bath-house both by train or car. If willing to give your outing a more versatile form, choose the default option, a train and metro-ride offering eye-pleasing vistas of the Russian countryside and closer contact with the Russian people. If willing to go for more comfort and privacy, Pradiz will arrange for a first-class round-trip transfer. In both cases, during all 2 days of your bath-house tour you will be accompanied by an expert Russian tour guide working with Pradiz.

    Note that on your way you will pay a visit to the heart of old Russia, Sergiev Posad and its world renowned monastery, the Lavra. Make sure you will not be wearing any body revealing clothes, because the places of worship have a certain dresscode, for example men are not allowed with head covering items on and women are supposed to wrap a piece of cloth around their waist unless they wear a skirt. Also optionally you can go to Abramtsevo for 1.5 hour, to see its landmarks, such as Polenovskaya dacha, Russian for a countryhouse, The House with Chicken Legs and Spas Nerukotvorny Church to the design by V.M Vasnetsov, old Russian steam house, known as Banya-Teremok, and many more gems of the rural Russia.

    Travel with Russian Tour Operator Pradiz. It is renowned for its multi-days Russia tours and other travelling experiences and has been a champion of responsible and engaging tourism.

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    •   Private guide
    •   Hotel pick-up
    •   all taxes, no hidden costs
    •   Meals
    •   besom massage and therapy, and other relaxation procedures(to be booked in advance) (optionally)
    •   fragrant steam session (optionally)
    •   hotels accommodation (optionally)
    •   visit to Abramtsevo (optionally)

    Important information

    Tour out of town by commuter train.

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