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Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation: What is the Difference?

Pradiz Russia Tours Operator
Last modified on 25 Sep 2019

In the life of the majority of the companies, a moment comes when at the high-level negotiations with the key foreign partners/investors; it is no longer possible to manage without a professional interpreter. Most of the companies offering ‘live’ translation have two kinds - consecutive and simultaneous, and a question arises: What is the difference?


Consecutive interpretingConsecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpretation
is a classic type of ‘live’ translation. A client pronounces a phrase and as soon as he completes it, an interpreter translates it to the other party. Hence comes its name of ‘consecutive interpretation’.This is the most common type of interpretation on professional ehxibitions.


Simultaneous InterpretingSimultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation
is a more sophisticated type of interpretation that happens without the involvement of the original speaker. The speaker keeps on delivering his message, and an interpreter translates his words to the listener into a special headset. This is similar to headsets you will recieve while visiting various museums with an audioguide. But while performed live, his type of translation is more technically complicated – the special equipment is required: a soundproof booth, headphones, etc. (usually the organizers of the event provide it), and it requires a more skillful interpreter for a high-quality translation. That is why it is usually more expensive, but it pays off when client’s speech has to be delivered to the multinational audience. But price is not the only reason for consecutive interpreting prevalence. As most people prefer to take Moscow City Tour with a human guide, not a pre-scripted audio, same is here – presence of a living person near you is most assuring, while in case of audio recording or simultaneous interpretation via headset, they cannot interpret your emotions and body language - while a professional consecutive translator can, because he/she is always near you.

Which to choose?

If you need an interpreter during an exhibition at your stand or to carry out negotiations or you need interpreter’s escort services during business trip, your choice is a consecutive interpretation.

If you plan to deliver a speech in front of a large audience, present your products, read out a report or participate in an official public even (for example, a panel discussion) than a simultaneous interpretation will help you to look more professional, achieve understanding with foreign partners and reach your and your company’s goals.

Where to order the Russian English interpreter?

Pradiz works more than 5 years in the field of tourist servicers for VIP clients, now diversifies into providing consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

All our interpreters-guides have huge experience in working with foreign guests including the VIP guests of the highest level from companies like Shell, Unilever, Marriot, Karl Storz, BCG and others.

If you need a Moscow City Tour to entertain your foreign partners, interpreting services for an exhibition, or a customized Moscow St.Petersburg Tour accompanied by a professional translator – we will be happy to provide you our best services!