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Winter Holidays in Vladimir & Suzdal

Winter Holidays in Vladimir & Suzdal by Pradiz Russia Tour Operator
Last modified on 25 Sep 2019

Always desired to experience heart pumping adventures, world class accommodations unexpectedly hidden behind the wooden cottages of local hotels, experiences ideally perplexed with Russian nature and traditions? Then this is the holiday you have been looking for!

Country of endless spaces

Venture otside from big cities like Moscow to the Russian pastoral countryside. And get ready for surprises you will really enjoy as the Russian countryside with its endless glades, dark forests and deep rivers, almost untouched by men. This is why people keep saying: Russia is a great and beautiful country! What would you say if we invite you for our private tour with our private guide and you make up your individual experience on Vladimir & Suzdal Day Tour?

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

Let’s start with Vladimir and continue with Suzdal – famous medieval towns of Golden Ring, the best places to experience Russia! Use this amazing opportunity to explore the incredible hospitality of Russian people, the entertaining and friendly hosts meeting you every time you come to see a family, a museum or a local bar.At the same time you will learn a lot about Russian history, culture and traditions.

Mesmerising ancient architecture and authentic fun experience

With our professional guide you will visit the Golden Gate and Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir and Museum of Wood Craftsmanship in Suzdal located opposite the Suzdal Kremlin – it’s Superb area! A must do if you are in Suzdal. Ideal place to spend a couple of hours in this open-air museum, here you will be fascinated by all the carvings of absolutely amazing wooden buildings and windmills, where all the churches were made of wood, even the nails.  In this countryside area you can find one of the amazing hotels which will surprise you with its tranquility, serenity and calmness – nevertheless it might not be easy to book a proper hotel if you make up your decision in a week or two before New Year holidays followed by Russian Christmas.

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

Make your winter holiday into an unforgettable experience – spend winter holidays in the authentic countryside environment, learn Russian traditions and superstitions while drinking Samovar tea or taking a shot of authentic Russian alcohol –  Suzdal is famous for its Medovukha drink (mead wine), being made only in this town, by a unique recipe, which was first discovered more than 1000 years ago and passed through father-to-son. Medovukha was an impotant part of Russian drinking culture long before the invention of Vodka. During your lunch, you will have a chance to taste it – along with the feast consisting of 20 traditional Russian dishes imagine yourself being a Russian knyaz (prince) spending winter break feasting in his fief.

Book our exclusive package Winter holidays in Vladimir & Suzdal and get the true Russian adventure with authentic entertainment like husky dog-sledding or snow mobil riding, snowman making or round dances, real experience of Russian banya with samovar, pancakes and medovukha tasting while telling funny family stories and exchanging your impressions with your friends. And maybe then you will discover that you have Russian roots, too!

Memories you will cherish forever

People keep coming to this place again and again, to get the real feeling of Russian winter, taste authentic Russian food, and enjoy the serenity of endless meadows of Central Russia. And perhaps when you are back home you start to understand what you miss most of all. You miss the lights of Moscow that never go out 24/7 and 365 days a year, and most of all you miss Russian hospitability and the feeling of being around people who so genuinely and passionately love their own country that you don't experience in too many other places around the world. At this moment you will be passionate about Russian Customs and Traditions, the pictures and souvenirs you get in Suzdal & Vladimir will remind you on that exclusive tour into Russian province. 

Pradiz Russia Tour OperatorPradiz Russia Tour Operator

You might be pleasantly surprised  and all this might be real if you book our private package tour, which includes our private guide, hotel accommodations in Vladimir and Suzdal – so the satisfaction is guaranteed in case you book your Vladimir & Suldal Tour at least a few weeks in advance. For last minute bookings it might be possible as well, only after we confirm it to you.

Come to witness the amazing Russian culture in a fairytale-like towns of Vladimir and Suzdal!