Guest post by traveller Jacklin Woo

We all know that very soon the season of holidays will start. Majority of people are planning their trips now. To tell the truth I strongly believe that it is much easier to organize a family tour than a tour with your pet. On the other hand, I could not leave my dog at home alone. Being a creative person, I started to look for the solution to this problem. After hours searching the Internet, I have found one tour operator that offered special terms for those who want to travel with their pets – Pradiz. We started to look for the ready package tour. It was not a surprise that they all did not include the necessary option. However, I wanted to visit Moscow as a 9-year-old boy, nothing could stop me. Therefore, we started making a “pet-tour” for me.

First of all, I would like to say that it was as easy as pie to find a pet-friendly hotel in such a big and developed city as Moscow. Of course, the price was a little bit higher, because I would have to live in a double room. Nevertheless, I had the best neighbor in the world that was my dog.

It took us only several hours to fly to this mega polis. Moscow is a unique city capable of endlessly surprising. Museums and theaters, parks and stadiums, shopping centers and nightclubs, street fast food and expensive restaurants provide a great variety of leisure activities.

After planning the trip, I was not sure to the fullest extent that everything would go smoothly, after visiting a great number of different places I waited for a pitfall. Imagine how lucky I was when everything went extremely perfect. Moscow is always open-armed for new people.  I want to add that mostly all places that I wanted to visit were happy to see not only me but my dog as well. It can be due to the fact that this city is a mixture of cultures European friends and Asian traditions, a full history and controversial modernity determined the character of it.

I have not had an aim to have a cheap trip; I was completely ready to pay more but to travel with high comfort.

The place that I really enjoyed was a bench show. It was not the goal of my tour; it was a kind of a big and pleasant surprise for a dog keeper. We have found many new friends there one of who appeared to be a couch surfer. Without any hesitations, he invited us to his house and the rest of the tour we spent there. He made up a city tour that included all the main attractions: starting from the Red Square and finishing up with an unforgettable strolling through the main parks such as Kolomenskoe Park.

If you want to have good shopping, you should visit the main shopping center in Moscow- GUM. It is a kind of a legendary one. This is the center of fashion and all goods that you can imagine together. It also was called Steet Department Store and the Open Trading Rows as well. As my new friends said it was the first store, where elongated shop galleries were upgraded with innovative metal and glass vaults. Its glass roof even caught the attention of my dog!

In addition, we had a nice evening riding on a small boat on the Moskva River. Some tourists say that it is kind of a must-see.

All in all, this trip turned into hundreds of words that I should share with you. Appeared to be an awesome point for all kinds of tourists. It does not matter whether you are a pupil, a student or a skillful businessman. Everybody can find something that would undoubtedly put your spirit up and make a strong wish to come back.

Moscow, how do you do this? I am reassured that even after visiting you a thousand times, you will find unexplored places every following trip. Perhaps this is one more explanation of why do I love big cities. And will come back here!