Unveil the pearl of the Russian Central Asia on this great walking tour of Kazan city center!

Succumb to the Oriental charm of Kazan, known the Istanbul of the Steppes, on your three hour walking tour, with the constant assistance and guidance from Kazan tourist guides with Russian Tour Operator Pradiz. Jewel in the crown of the Russian tsars, the kinetic capital of Tatarstan is an amazing place to walk around.

Starting in the city center, the walking Kazan tours will take you around the scenic Kremlin fortress. On the Kremlin’s precincts you will see the city’s main mosque and cathedral; and other eye-riveting pieces of architecture, such as the Leaning Tower.

The tour’s expert Kazan tourist guide then takes you through Bauman Street, the city’s main pedestrian artery, and a veritable feast for the eyes, that stretches to a significant length, lined by pieces of cultural heritage, through the city’s downtown. At the end you will visit Kazan’s lively picturesque riverfront, the place where you will always find what to do in Kazan, with a chance to contemplate the mighty waterways Kazan is washed by.

Activity Details

Duration: 3 hours

Tour Highlights

  • Kul-Sharif Mosque
  • Annunciation Cathedral
  • Khan’s Tower, aka Leaning Tower
  • Khans’ burial place
  • Kremlin’s precincts and its other landmarks
  • Nikolskiy Cathedral
  • Bauman Street
  • Kremlevskaya Embankment
  • Chernyshevsky Street
  • Dzerzhinsky Street
  • Black Lake Park
  • Alexadnrovsky Department Store
  • Kremlyovskaya Street
  • Monument Carriage of Catherine II
  • Kazan Academic Bolshoi Drama Theatre
  • Konstantin Vasiliyev’s Museum
  • The Clock in the Arabic Style
  • Pushkin Street

Tour Details

Unveil the mystery of Kazan, the treasure trove of cultural heritage and repository of breath-taking tales, craved by the Russian tsars and Tatar strongmen alike.

During you three hour walking tour you will be able to explore the Kremlin grounds, stroll along Bauman street, uncover nearby-sites and enjoy the gob-smacking vistas of Kremlevskaya Embankment.

The tour will start at the Kremlin, where you will be taken by our Pradiz expert Kazan tour guide from your hotel. The Kazan Kremlin is a former palace the current burial place of Kazan khans. It was conquered by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century and, as a result, became the seat of the Russian power over the Volga region, built in a unique style. There you will visit Kul-Sharif Mosque, the republic’s main mosque, Annunciation Cathedral, Tatarstan’s main cathedral where the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan is said to have originated, the Leaning Tower, also referred to as Khan’s tower; the Khans’ necropolis, where some of the former rulers of the Tatars lie buried, and many other memorable locations.

What comes next is a stroll along the full-length of Bauman Street, a long walking street stretching from the foot of the Kremlin up to Tukay Square, with eye-pleasing pieces of architectural heritage housing standing alongside. Bauman street and adjacent areas are known as the Kazan Arbat, for the area draws all kinds of walking fans, theater lovers, and, generally, people from all walks of life,  just as its counterpart in Moscow city center.

Little bit off the street, enjoy romance at the Lovers’ Arc in the small Black Lake Park, and have a look at the Alexandrovskiy Passage, a beauteous old department store situated next to the Black Lake Park; also on the program is Nikolskiy Cathedral, located on the stretch of the Bauman closest to the Kremlin, and many other notable places of worship.

As the finale, take stroll on the Kremlin embankment, lively and cheerful throughout the year. The Kazan riverside is a place for the summer sporting activities, while in winter it boasts Europe’s longest ice-rink with the unique Kazan winter magic atmosphere.

The tour is a splendid opportunity to explore the metropolis of the Steppes at a leisurely pace with all your senses sharpened to absorb the East in its entirety. During your tour you will sense the fragrance of the Tatar cuisine, feast your eyes on the memorable sight-pleasing facades, and hear the gentle murmur of this city, which can live two so different lives: one in harmony with its oriental tranquil nature; the other brimming with the unrestrained exuberance of the bazaar. Note that the Slavic passion and temperament lace all the city life with the unforgettable Slavic glamour.

Your Kazan walking tour by Russian Tour Operator Pradiz, allows you to take in the majestic exteriors of Kazan city center, complete with nightlife establishments, its ancient Russian churches and Tatar mosques; from which a mix of seductive and pious leitmotivs of the East, West and 21st century’s urban life flow towards you and engulf you.

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